Mickey Ferri, Ph.D., Partner, Economist, and Data Scientist, Insight EconomicsMickey Ferri, Ph.D., Partner, Economist, and Data Scientist
Getting the right value for assets is a challenging task, requiring adequate experience and knowledge. A financial partner needs to know the market, the correct value of a client’s assets, and make sure they’re worth every penny. A financial partner’s job doesn’t end there. They also need to ensure their client gets the best deal in terms of comparable situations, interest rates, bargaining power, and other market forces.

When determining the correct valuation of any intellectual property, an organization cannot have tunnel vision. They need to view assets from the perspective of economic and market forces, which can cause shifts in the fair market value of intellectual property. In simple words, the valuation process needs to consider factors like the economic environment, industry trends, competition, and other economic factors that affect the value of a financial asset.

Insight Economics has years of experience valuing businesses and determining the economic worth of various complicated asset classes, including intangible assets like patented technology, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

The economic consulting firm takes a holistic approach to determining the value of every asset from both qualitative and quantitative points of view. Insight Economics has created income, market, and cost approach frameworks to conduct efficient valuations. Within these frameworks, Insight Economics tailors its valuation models to each client and each asset for its unique characteristics to provide robust and reliable results.

The income approach evaluates an asset based on its projected future income stream. The market approach includes assessing the market value of similar or comparable assets, while the cost approach considers evaluating the replacement cost of the asset or a comparable asset.

To apply these approaches effectively, Insight Economics thoroughly studies the landscape, including the assets being sold and their value, the competitors and their customers, the market response, and how the prices compare to historical norms.

This 360-degree view allows it to uncover value others may not see, providing valuable information and visibility for its clients.

Mickey Ferri, Ph.D., is a partner, economist, and data scientist at Insight Economics.
In talking about the steps employed at the beginning of every project, Dr. Ferri says, “We speak to our clients to understand what exactly they are looking for, whether it’s the valuation of an asset, company acquisition, lawsuit, ongoing litigation, or settlement negotiation.” Understanding client needs is always the first step for Insight Economics, which gives it the ability to offer customized solutions that will fit the unique requirements for each client.

The second step is typically to exchange documents related to the assets, so Insight Economics can gather the information necessary to carve out a plan for a thorough valuation. Once this is complete, Insight Economics draws a concrete timeline where each milestone is divided into different stages. The company remains in constant touch with its clients throughout these stages to ensure they have a smooth experience.
  • We speak to our clients to understand what exactly they are looking for, whether it’s the valuation of an asset, company acquisition, lawsuit, ongoing litigation, or settlement negotiation

Using a step-by-step approach has enabled Insight Economics to carry out sensitive and complicated lawsuits. In cases where one party has inf licted harm on another, it is important to work with the best experts—like the team at Insight Economics— to ensure that the party who was wronged is appropriately compensated. Using its rich experience, Insight Economics has enabled clients to resolve most lawsuits before they could go to a trial, which allows clients to have fair and reasonable settlements. When lawsuits do go to trial, Insight Economics has multiple experts who thrive in the high-stakes courtroom environment, where they are clear and effective communicators, experienced with testifying in front of judges and juries.

Insight Economics has expertise in various industries, including real estate, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, education, finance, software, hardware, cybersecurity, automobiles, natural resources, consumer products, entertainment, and sports. In the real-estate sector, Insight Economics has significant experience in calculating the fair market value of assets in compliance with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).

Insight Economics credits its success to its team of experts, consultants, and operations staff, and their collective ability to stay organized and build trust. Loving what they do and valuing communication and trust over everything, they are an energetic group of people committed to seeing their clients succeed. In the coming years, Insight Economics will continue to provide its clients with the most comprehensive analysis available in the financial industry to help them make economically informed decisions.