Gayla Huber, President, and the Blue Chair, LLC Ownership Group, IntegriShieldGayla Huber, President, and the Blue Chair, LLC Ownership Group
As organizations are focused on the endless pursuit of growth by primarily attracting new customers, they employ various tactics to achieve that growth, often working with lead providers such as affiliate networks and other third-party marketers. While these media partners can help deliver heavy traffic and new leads, they often aren’t transparent about their promotions and messaging, leaving the doors ajar for consumer misrepresentation, third party threats and the risk of non-compliance with regulations. This dark side of the internet creates an opportunity for anyone to abuse and exploit company trademarks and misrepresent brands. Navigating the lead generation industry and adhering to compliance regulations can be extremely challenging. This challenge is reflected by increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies which has made marketing compliance a hot topic.

Born with the aim to help organizations comply with the regulatory landscape in the performance marketing industry, IntegriShield is designed to protect organizations’ reputation and brand recognition. The company has developed a unique holistic approach to compliance monitoring and remediation, designed to ensure that clients engage in consistent and compliant marketing activities.

“Our technology gives clients unprecedented access and transparency into their brand’s web presence with unmatched ability to follow compliance,” says Gayla Huber, President, IntegriShield. IntegriShield’s monitoring service consists of several solutions, including web, paid search, display ad, email monitoring and more. Essentially, the company’s service enables clients to easily identify different brand risks, and where they are coming from. In fact, the company’s affiliate monitoring service empowers clients to understand the complexities of the various affiliate channels to reduce risks and costs while improving consumer and brand engagement. IntegriShield offers a broad range of monitoring solutions while providing simplicity and transparency customized to the needs of the client. In such a scenario, IntegriShield works with the client to identify their challenges, which often range from deceptive advertising and brand misrepresentation to individual violations, creating scalable solutions that support a consistent brand image while avoiding regulatory risk.
What adds a silver lining to IntegriShield’s holistic approach is its remediation services. Most compliance programs identify a vast array of ‘probable’ issues but fail to remove false positives and fix actual violations. On the contrary, IntegriShield filters out false positives and helps to successfully remediate violations with authorized and unauthorized content owners across the globe.

We have a good success rate of identifying content owners and working with them to remediate issues

“It can be challenging for organizations to identify where the content comes from and who they need to reach in order to either fix or remove inaccurate content. We have a great success rate at identifying and working with site owners, mailers, influencers and other content owners to remediate issues,” says Gayla. With its unprecedented solutions and customer service, IntegriShield has proudly garnered a huge client base. One of its oldest clients has engaged IntegriShield for almost five years and is still going strong. They associate this loyalty with the fact that IntegriShield has enabled them to successfully remediate over 95 percent of all their violations worldwide, each year. In yet another case, the company’s audio monitoring service helped a client reduce their severe violations to just two per year, which was astounding.

The success of the company is truly driven by its team members who are innovative and forward-looking, focusing heavily on providing best-in-class customer service and solutions.

In a relentless effort to reach new heights, the team invests a good amount of time in researching the needs and challenges of the market. Based on its recent findings, IntegriShield has identified that organizations need to keep track of all the different violations that arise and their remediation. This approach keeps a record of effort, which is critical in the event of a regulatory or legal challenge. Along the same lines, the company plans to roll out a new case management program to meet the propagating demand.