Gassan Kassira, Founding Member, Kassira Wealth Management, LLCGassan Kassira, Founding Member
Achieving financial goals requires time, extensive research, and a proper understanding of investment opportunities. Given the busy lifestyle of a modern business owner or an individual, achieving this feat becomes no less than an uphill journey. Kassira Wealth Management has become the trusted partner for many clients to fulfill their financial goals.

Kassira Wealth Management is a cohesive wealth management and retirement plan services provider that develops tailored financial planning and portfolio solutions to support high-net-worth individuals, families, and small businesses. Combining its extensive experience with market intelligence, the company designs customized portfolios for clients by managing both risk AND return.

“Unlike others in the industry, we are hands-on and manage the money ourselves. We do the research and put the money at the right place, guaranteeing peace of mind for clients,” says Gassan Kassira, Founding Member, Kassira Wealth Management. “While managing any portfolio, we focus on three areas: tax efficiency, ensuring optimal point based on risk and return, and enabling clients to reach their financial goals.”

Kassira Wealth Management’s comprehensive services are geared toward retirement and investment planning, proactive financial-tax planning, portfolio and risk management, investment management.

Most of the team members at Kassira Wealth Management are CFP©, CFA and MBA-qualified experts with business backgrounds.
Their first-hand knowledge of taxes and business equips them with the capability to frame innovative beneficiary financial plans or solve issues pertaining to legacy succession plans.

“We take the time to study our client’s business along with their risks and components of private wealth to create exclusive lucrative portfolios and financial plans,” says Rast Gozeh, Chief Investment Officer, Kassira Wealth Management, LLC. “We provide value-added advices to bring clarity on when to expand, exit, or buy another location.”

Kassira Wealth Management does not abide by a set structure or methodologies to develop portfolios. It formulates portfolios based on client-to-client scenarios and builds financial and legacy plans around them to manage individual investments in a diversified way.
  • We take time to study our client’s business alongside their risks and components of private wealth to create an exclusive in-house lucrative portfolio and financial plan

The robust capabilities of Kassira Wealth Management can be best exemplified by the success story of one of its long-term clients, a business owner, who wanted to sell the business as a part of the retirement plan. Kassira Wealth Management strategically laid out a road map and helped sell it for a much higher price than estimated. It also devised post-retirement plans and guided the client to invest in the right places to ensure tax savings and optimize income.

With myriads of customer success stories along its journey, Kassira Wealth Management maintains an industry-agnostic approach to the projects it undertakes. For the road ahead, the company plans to assist more clients in transforming themselves and having a secure future.