Lorenzo Cocco, Partner & Chairman, klineLorenzo Cocco, Partner & Chairman
Digital transformation acts as a holy grail of innovation. Especially in recent years, where the fintech industry has shown been quite enthusiastic about accepting digital solutions and transforming the financial landscape. Jumping onto this bandwagon of digitisation, Kline, an Italian financial services company, is spearheading the process of digital transformation for the fintech, wealth management, and regtech sectors. As the ideal partner for many players in the market seeking technological and process innovation, Kline is set to deliver advanced, customised, and modular digital solutions to its clients. Its solutions include portfolio and risk management, asset management, wealth management, trust management, front office/trading/execution, financial advisory, and wealth planning services. Customers are supported with solutions curated explicitly for their individualistic needs.

Kline supports large banks, dedicated private banks, and snetworks of financial advisors with its wealth management activities such as financial planning, investment management, and other financial services. In the asset management arena, Kline’s solutions are designed to meet the operational necessities of banks, SIMs, and SGRs, and support all operational, equity, administrative, regulatory, and tax obligations of those who function in the financial services market—particularly, in management. The company aids the client, providing coverage in all the areas of Consolidated Law on finance. Kline’s solutions also encompass risk-return analysis to support the processes related to investment strategies. It also helps in the decision- making process for the assessment of performance, allocation, and portfolio risk concerning individual and collective asset management activities.

Furthermore, Kline’s multi-instrument, -market, and -currency solutions help manage orders and executions on all asset classes. Such a solution is suitable for internationalised and complex realities for interconnection to execution markets.
In addition, Kline also extends financial advisory and wealth planning solutions to professionals who require long-term strategies to safeguard the wealth of their customers. This renders a balance between the present and eneeds and future wants of the clients.

With trust management, Kline provides holistic solutions dedicated to the fiduciary world. It supports all the operational processes inherent in the administration of assets underpinning the fiduciary mandate and the related regulatory obligations towards the supervisory and tax bodies. The company has a team of 110 specialists focusing on regulatory and market evolution. They are also engaged in the digital transformation of Kline solutions concerning the areas of front-to-back operations with a focus on wealth management, portfolio and risk management, pricing and markets, taxation, trust innovations, whistleblowing and reporting, and AML.

Along with proprietary IT solutions and platforms, Kline empowers customers with a range of services that accompany intermediaries in their growth and transformation processes. To help clients meet their data protection criteria, adhering to GDPR, Kline outsources the technological structures by offering certified data centres that endow high levels of security, scalability, and reliability. Companies can even outsource back office and middle office activities using Kline’s services.
  • Kline supports large banks, dedicated private banks, and snetworks of financial advisors with its wealth management activities such as financial planning, investment management, and other financial services

Kline also puts forth a range of consultancy services for its clients. It analyses the methodologies and operational processes, the coverage and risk associated with the anti-money laundering procedures, and the tax obligation of withholding agents. Kline interprets the sector legislation and participates within the working groups of the trade associations of Italian financial intermediaries.

As a one-stop shop for all fintech companies in Italy, Kline also helps in the installation and handover phases of the Kline solutions according to a standardised and reliable approach. Kline is a long-term proponent of technological innovation in the Italian fintech sector, thereby ushering in a unique experience for its clients.