Richard C. Montanye, Managing Partner, Marin & MontanyeRichard C. Montanye, Managing Partner
The real estate sector has always been a critical driver of U.S. economic growth. However, with the emerging disruptions caused by the pandemic, there are new challenges. Today, as tenants become inconsistent when paying rent due to economic crises, leasing rules undergo significant changes, and unused office spaces start proliferating, real estate owners are experiencing never-before-seen accounting hurdles.

Navigating through these challenges like a true champion is Marin & Montanye, an industry-leading provider of audit, tax, and advisory services. Its 60 years of experience in the industry makes Marin & Montanye a well-known name in the U.S. real estate community with a proven track record of assisting cooperative and condominium communities. Even during the pandemic, Marin & Montanye adopted a robust and proactive approach to delivering its technology solutions, which led to it being featured as Accounting Today’s ‘Firm of the Year 2021.’

With our decades of industry experience and laser focus, we offer tailor-made services to help real estate communities be proactive about their business

Currently, the company has a focused clientele in real estate communities across New York. By providing technology-backed accounting services, Marin & Montanye turns every client engagement into a success. Through its combination of leading technologies of AdvanceFlow—a comprehensive cloud-based audit workflow management tool, and GoFileRoom—a cloud-based electronic document storage software, Marin & Montanye delivers agile services.
The integration of these applications also supports the company in streamlining its workflow, driving better operational efficiencies and unrivalled security when serving clients. A key example of Marin & Montanye’s innovation is the role it played to help enhance AdvanceFlow’s capabilities through comprehensive diagnostic work across various projects. This collaboration was crucial to the company’s recognition as Thomas Reuter’s ‘Firm of the Year’ in 2019.

Marin & Montanye leverages the commonalities in the real estate sector to drive operational efficiency. For example, energy price fluctuations and New York City statutes, like Local Law 11 or Local Law 97, have similar effects on the budgeting process. This helps Marin & Montanye provide specialized services that aid clients in gaining value out of these changes to the real estate community. At the same time, by leveraging the expertise of 30 seasoned real estate accountants, Marin & Montanye delivers audit and tax services every month, unlike its counterparts that purely focus on auditing once a year.

"With our decades of industry experience and laser focus, we offer tailor-made services to help real estate communities be proactive about their business," says Richard Montanye, CPA Managing Partner of Marin & Montanye.

Through its onboarding process that involves tracking accounting records and financial reports according to client-specific taxation timelines, Marin & Montanye can serve businesses following different financial year ends. This approach is strengthened by its ability to virtually connect clients with certified real estate accountants that offer personalized solutions. Its team of financial experts is driven by technological advancements and standardized financial processes that attract remote specialists capable of providing unparalleled value to real estate operators.

Currently, Marin & Montanye is one of the market leaders in the real estate accounting space, leveraging its decades of experience to continually deliver robust client-focused financial solutions and consistent success. Its forward-looking approach and seasoned team are poised to proactively seek newer ways to improve their workflow and enable robust financial management for real estate businesses, in NY and beyond.