Manon Fortes, Marketing and Communications Manager and Alexandra Durán, Consultant Manager, MetaCaseManon Fortes, Marketing and Communications Manager and Alexandra Durán, Consultant Manager
For any business in today’s fast-evolving IT landscape, the opportunity to connect and communicate with their choice of banks in a more streamlined and frictionless manner seems more lustrous than gold. Many solutions and service providers around the world have succeeded in delivering such an opportunity to patrons in their respective nations, but those based out of Portugal face a string of IT and banking infrastructure challenges that are not easy to navigate through and overcome. Banking communication solutions that pay heed to the many requests of companies in the country are scarce, but MetaCase presents the market with multichannel banking solutions that answer the many questions that surround this broad and evergrowing subject.

MetaCase brought forth a slew of incredibly nuanced fintech solutions and services designed to address the shortcomings of IT throughout the region. It thoroughly understood the problems created by multiple formats and bank certificates and delivered one, holistic, innovative solution that helped clients better manage their financial flows, all while streamlining operational productivity. Established over 15 years ago, the company has come a long way and currently stands as the go-to financial services provider in the country, managing several international projects as well. Moreover, while possessing vast domain expertise and technical knowhow, MetaCase also offers well-designed consulting services fuelled by a team of highly experienced professionals who are no strangers to the world of implementing bank connectivity solutions.

MetaCase empowers clients to connect with any bank they desire through numerous communication channels, including Host-to-Host connections and the EBICS Protocol among many others. In order to deliver the best results to each client, the company offers two options: an on-premise software solution and a broad set of outsourcing services. Keeping the convenience of the end customer in mind, the services provide an enterprise’s IT and finance teams with the space and time they require to focus on their core business agenda. These services, coupled with MetaCase’s consulting expertise, help significantly reduce operational costs and risks. Clients can obtain detailed information about their bank statements, payment transactions, collections, and market data and gain key insights on how to best improve their financial flows.

“A win-win solution for IT and financial teams, we also relieve banks connected to the network from having to answer 200-300 client support calls and have a dedicated aftermarket services team to address the most complex problems,” says Alexandra Durán, Consultant Manager at MetaCase.
The company speaks the same language IT teams do; it also shares the same tongue with banks. Its team can seamlessly add banks based on a client’s specific requirements, which include local formats alongside MT940, ISO20022 various international standards.

This unique and rare-to-find skill set in the region throws light on the expansive benefits MetaCase offers in today’s hyper connected market—and more are being brought to the table.

MetaCase, with its comprehensive Target One platform, helps clients optimise their financial flows management in all respects. The platform is the result of consolidating many years of experience working with varying banking products, the many demands from clients, and the company’s extensive understanding of efficient payments and collections techniques.

We Offer A 360-Degree Solution That Puts Together Bank Connectivity And The Management Of Financial Instruments, Payments, And Flows Within The Same Platform

Target One allows users to collect and manage invoices and receive or transmit payments based on business cash liquidity. From the beginning to the end of financial flows, MetaCase provides a full circle management system for users to effectively send or retrieve information from a bank, confirm their operations, and make entries of completed transactions. It also gives authorities a clear view of all financial procedures during internal or external client audits, which include the elements of security as well. MetaCase is capable of installing and running such complex operations with any client—national or overseas—owing to its strong financial ERP capabilities.

Dubbing it financial ERP, the company specialises and focuses solely on financial flows management where, via a single easy-to-access database, clients are able to define specific financial parameters, such as automatic payments, reconciliations, and book entries. MetaCase is ERP agnostic and faces no difficulties when dealing with companies that employ many ERP systems. With most companies still trying to push past their bank connectivity issues and act in accordance with stringent regulations, MetaCase already possesses the flexibility to accommodate these specificities for different types of payment and reconciliation processes across Europe.

“We offer a 360-degree solution that puts together bank connectivity and the management of financial instruments, payments, and flows within the same platform,” states Manon Fortes, Marketing and Communication Manager at MetaCase.
Elaborating on its consulting services, the company has capitalised on its digital banking knowhow and created its prized Treasury Blueprint. Here, the professionals at MetaCase carefully study a client’s flows from a 360-degree-perspective— including the type of flows a client has with the banks they are affiliated with—and identify areas that require attention. Following this, the team helps redefine various processes and optimise overall financial flows for all parties involved.
  • A Win-Win Solution For It And Financial Teams, We Also Relieve Banks Connected To The Network From Having To Answer 200-300 Client Support Calls, And Have A Dedicated Aftermarket Services Team To Address The Most Complex Problems

MetaCase’s know how and experience with several banking solutions and markets led its people to believe that a specialised consulting and more tailored solution was required. It thus developed Target One and related products that solved the problems of many other organisations from different industries as well. The story of how it came to deliver such sought-after solutions and services is particularly amusing. A large European energy company was expanding their operational infrastructure and wanted to set up more sites in different countries. After approaching Portugal, however, they could not find ideal solutions to manage their financial processes and faced difficulties implementing systems that were compliant with the region’s laws. The energy conglomerate then reached out to MetaCase seeking a pan-bank connectivity solution to overcome these hindrances, and MetaCase was at the ready to drive the most value out of this collaboration.

MetaCase equipped the client with outsourced servers for their payments and collections flows management, empowering them to communicate with banks easily through robust multichannel banking capabilities. With no direct bank personnel interaction required to access statements, the client could free up time for the financial and IT team to focus on their primary business objectives, which were managing the treasury and continued technological growth of the company.

With such longstanding experience and presence in the field, MetaCase has proven to go above and beyond each challenge that comes its way and seeks to drive maximum value from every client engagement. Bank connectivity and managing financial flows continue to grow more complex as technology and compliance policies never cease to evolve. The company, however, is unfazed and intends to perform how it always has: listen to the call for innovation and strive to exceed expectations. Navigating through the world of modern finance seems just a little bit easier with MetaCase.