South East Asia is one of the lucrative options for expats to retire due to its lower cost of living compared to the U.S. and Europe. However, this does not diminish the need for financial planning, especially for expats who have never settled in one place for more than a couple of years, hampering their continuity for savings.

The daunting task of settling in South East Asia post-retirement can be alleviated by availing of Misthos Group’s bespoke wealth management solution. An independent financial consultancy and wealth management company, Misthos Group believes in providing world-class customer service to expats. Clients get customized wealth management solutions for their short-, medium-, and long-term financial objectives.

“Our approach is to truly listen to and understand a client’s specific needs, and our advice takes into account their personal goals and objectives,” says Kevin Clark, Strategy and Communications Director of Misthos Group. The team understands that no two clients are the same, and neither are the aspirations with their wealth. It gives importance to fact-finding exercises with the client to determine their financial goals and expectations.

It then devises a financial action plan to outline the areas that need work. Each area is addressed sequentially and methodically based on priority. There are three pillars for the investment strategy followed by Misthos Group; exploration, implementation, and review. Before investing, there is a need to explore the client’s attitude toward investment. Coupled with risk profiling software, it designs a fitting portfolio. Once the strategy is presented to the client and approved, Misthos Group implements the investment solution. Not stopping there, the team regularly reviews each client’s strategy and attitude to investment and ensures both are aligned.
It is changed if a strategy is no longer deemed sufficient to meet their medium-to long-term objectives.

From life assurance to pensions, Misthos Group offers an entire gamut of wealth management services. It advises on life assurance, financial planning, portfolio management, trusts, and international investments. The solutions are designed per the client’s goals, like retirement planning, children’s education, or other life goals. It enables a smooth investment journey for clients through managed portfolios, dynamic asset allocation, enhanced portfolio diversification, and pragmatic fund selection.

Our approach is to truly listen to understand the client’s specific needs, and our advice takes into account the individual’s personal goals and objectives

Customer-centricity is the key to Misthos Group’s success. To make sure the client gets the best services and broader options, Misthos Group works with multiple regulated providers. Misthos passionately believes in building and developing a deep and sustainable client relationship to get to know and address the client’s needs.

Each client is different and the solutions offered, though similar in a few aspects, are entirely customized per their goals. Even the areas it does not advise or manage directly are included within the advisor’s objectives, and it ensures they are always working toward the overall objective.