Chibuzo Ene, CEO, Nathan ClaireChibuzo Ene, CEO
Unlike when account holders had to stand in queues at banks to withdraw money, digitization has paved the way for quick transactions over internet-enabled devices. The change has prompted financial institutions to leverage large amounts of data seeping through their databases and plan business strategies to better understand customers’ saving and spending habits.

Focusing on the financial services industry, Nathan Claire—a technology services and solutions provider—works with banks to deliver digitalized systems for effectively tracking trends that impact end-users. It also offers tools for categorizing and analyzing data gathered from various information sources to develop a digitization strategy and work with clients to successfully integrate IT.

Nathan Claire helps banks and fintechs instill IT infrastructure that showcases client requirements and extracts insights to fulfill them. At the core of its Tower Technology Stack is Dynatrace, a transaction monitoring software that empowers banks to review digital transactions and support account holders if an issue arises. To add more competencies besides overall observability or application performance monitoring, Nathan Claire leverages Gremlin, a chaos engineering solution for clients to attack their IT environments. On identifying a problem, an automatic ticket is generated to correct the issue robotically or assign it to technical-assistance personnel.

“When you have observability of actions that can cause damage, it becomes easy to build a failsafe that can limit the impairment or completely eliminate it,” says Chibuzo Ene, CEO at Nathan Claire. “We implement auto remediation or orchestration mechanisms that can fix the anomalies to the greatest extent possible.”
To help clients interconnect systems, Nathan Claire partners with a Bulgarian company that provides no-code integration to various systems, enabling them to shift data from one system to another using APIs.

From a control center perspective, Nathan Claire launched Edge, its proprietary data storage and analytics platform that connects to all other modules and enables clients to engage from a single source. Edge coordinates all the information to provide insights from trends and problems within an IT environment. Database and network administrators can identify weak points and root causes of a problem, and executives can make decisions to chart a course for training staff. Allowing banks to interact with end customers in an ultra-strategic manner, Edge delivers information on how a particular demographic tends to pay for their purchases and then allows a bank to offer relevant digital platforms. Nathan Claire generates a list of actions and sends them to authorized bank employees who use the data to solve issues and plan ahead.

We can implement auto remediation or orchestration mechanisms that can fix the anomalies to the greatest extent possible

Nathan Claire helped one of the biggest digital financial services firms in East Africa adopt technology essential for ensuring end-user happiness by uncovering underlying reasons for client onboarding failure even after a successful marketing campaign. During a chaos engineering run of the telco’s IT environment, Nathan Claire discovered that a surge in new service applicants caused an overload in the deployed user interface, inadvertently timing out many customers trying to sign on. The discovery led to authorities always evaluating expectations for a campaign and ensuring the necessary systems and resources are in place in case traffic rises above a certain level.

To offer banks a complete IT-managed services package, Nathan Claire plans to provide outsourced IT management to curb the shortage of resources due to momentous digitalization. The new service will enable banks to find the best technicians who can fix their issues and end a significant talent limitation challenge.