Brightwell's cutting-edge products reduce costs, improve security and streamline cash management while its easy-to-use mobile app, prepaid card, and integrated global transfer services comprise a robust suite of secure financial management tools that empower global workers.

FREMONT, CA: Brightwell Payments, a FinTech company that helps global workers get paid as well as send and spend money safely and efficiently worldwide, launched FaceCheck, an innovative new feature that brings an additional layer of assurance and fraud prevention to Brightwell accounts. FaceCheck uses a two-second video selfie to match users to an encrypted 3D face map. The 3D face map, combined with liveness detection that ensures biological identifiers are from the proper use and not presentation attacks, such as photos, videos, or masks, creates a fast, easy, and incredibly secure way to access Brightwell accounts from any camera-enabled device.

With the rapid adoption of digital services further accelerated by COVID-19, financial accounts have become a prime target for fraud. Research firm Javelin reports that account takeover fraud rose 72 percent in 2019 alone, prompting the need for businesses to replace passwords with more sophisticated and dynamic authorization technology. More secure than a password or fingerprint login, FaceCheck uses a two-second video selfie to verify liveness and create a 3D face map of the user that will be used to verify their identity and, along with liveness verification, grant future access to the account.

"Access to funds anytime, anywhere is incredibly important to our users, many of which use the Brightwell app to quickly share money with loved ones while working at sea for extended periods," said Larry Hipp, CEO at Brightwell. "Our goal is to always put our users first and security is a big part of that. We never stop pushing our product forward and innovating to make the best product for the payroll industry. With FaceCheck, we're bringing the most sophisticated authentication technology to our users and giving them the peace of mind that their accounts and money are protected."