As a workflow solutions provider, Cosaic is revolutionizing the way people work with over 300 global customers around the world, including Yahoo! Finance, E*TRADE, Charles River, and Fidessa.

FREMONT, CA: Cosaic, a fintech company that provides workflow solutions for the finance industry, announced its release of ChartIQ Options Analytics. The visualization solution allows banks to deliver world-class, customizable trading capabilities that give their traders and clients an edge while also pushing their technology strategy forward.

"Our solution improves options trader and analyst decision-making by providing them with an interactive data visualization tool that is easily integrated with their current application," says Cosaic CEO Dan Schleifer. "As a workflow solutions provider, we're not presenting them with yet another application. We're giving the derivatives trader a

real-time graphic solution which complements and enriches their analysis and simplifies the way they work."

ChartIQ allows traders to instantly visualize implied volatility, volume, and open interest for an option chain. Though solutions to visualize options data are available, ChartIQ is unique in its ability to provide off-the-shelf graphic infrastructure, in addition to allowing options data to be overlaid on the same technical analysis chart traders use every day.

"We provide the graphics infrastructure for banks to create world-class solutions for both their internal teams and direct solutions to their clients who traditionally have had limited access to this type of information," says Chief Product Officer Eugene Sorenson. "When a trader can survey historical volatility and price data directly on the chart, it's a game-changer. But when they can also share a visual representation as part of an RFQ workflow, it's unprecedented."

A fully customizable solution, ChartIQ is delivered as a software development kit allowing banks to easily build their own options analysis solution in-house rather than depend on legacy, proprietary solutions, or expensive third-party systems. ChartIQ empowers banks to integrate these new systems with solutions they're already using, such as their OMS.

"Incorporating a solution like ChartIQ means less overhead for teams to maintain software, a reduction of overall costs, and a better user experience," Sorenson says. "It's a boon for the institution, and the end-user. We have both in mind when building our solutions."