By joining hands with Dosh, Ellevest provides its members with an automatic, engaging rewards experience.

FREMONT, CA: Ellevest, a robo-advisory firm built by women, with the goal of closing gender money gaps, announced that through their partnership with Dosh, the fastest-growing card-linked offer platform, members can now earn automatic cashback when they shop local and national brands with the Ellevest debit card.

"Ellevest's mission is to get more money in the hands of women," says CEO Sallie Krawcheck. "That's critically important right now, with so many women affected financially by a she-session that has knocked us off track. We designed our cash back rewards to help our members get their money goals back on track by having more money to jump-start their savings, pay down debt, invest for their futures, or just stretch their spending."

By joining hands with Dosh, Ellevest provides its members with an automatic, engaging rewards experience. Ellevest members pay for purchases with their Ellevest debit card as they usually would, and the cashback rewards they earn will reflect in their Ellevest iOS app. Members can also use this app to explore local and national offers. Every month, the cashback a member earns is moved into their Ellevest Save account and can be used to jump-start an emergency fund or save for short-term money goals.

"Dosh's mission is focused on positively impacting people's lives by automatically putting money in their wallet for simply doing their everyday spending - whether it's at local restaurants and retailers or their favorite national brands. That's why we created the leading platform that provides automatic cash back at over 10,000 merchants and brands," said Ryan Wuerch, CEO and founder of Dosh. "We're proud to partner with Ellevest to bring cash back offers to their members and play our part in helping women meet their financial goals."

Launched in 2016, Ellevest specifically focuses on the needs of women, helps them do more for their money and career at all stages of their financial lives. Ellevest's money membership, launched in June 2020, comprises free learning tools, personalized investing plans, banking including the Ellevest debit card, and discounted access to individual money and career coaching. Membership plans start at $1 a month.

Banking at Ellevest has no hidden fees, no minimum balance, and no transfer or overdraft charges. Members also get unlimited ATM access, with Ellevest reimbursing all the fees.