The advent of automation and its efficient integration into workflow management has helped companies improve productivity. 

FERMONT, CA: There are specific prerequisites for taking advantage of the digital transformation period, and process automation is one of them. It has always been a difficult task for organizations to handle complex workflows. Workflow automation is all set to develop and gain many new capabilities in 2020. This article lists some of the essential innovations expected for workflow automation.

• AI-driven Automation

AI's potential is huge, and companies will realize several benefits by applying it to workflow automation. Intelligent automation is far more valuable for businesses than simple automation. As AI breaks into workflow automation, companies will be able to improve processing quality. The decision-making aspects of automated workflows will be greatly enhanced subsequently. Analysis of workflow data through AI will help to create new opportunities for automation of workflow.

• Developing Automated Workflows with Sans Coding 

The relevance of workflow automation depends on how easily users can deploy complicated workflows. By 2020, workflow automation is expected to be less dependent on coding, allowing users to develop automated workflows for their businesses without the knowledge of coding. However, there will still be a chance to use codes and drive automation, allowing coders to customize workflows.

• 5G-driven Automation

It is expected that 5G technology will find wider deployment in 2020. As network capabilities improve with 5G, workflow automation will receive several benefits. It is possible to connect a higher number of assets, and business processes can be handled in real-time with 5 G network support. The faster the network, the higher the automation potential. As 5 G covers wider regions, companies will be able to improve the automation of workflows.

Automation plays a vital role, from simplifying workflows to building a smooth interface between employees and machines.

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