Using Kinum's cutting-edge technology, automation, and services, Pandion and Kinum collaborate to help medical, dental, academic, and corporate organizations enhance revenue recovery and collections.

FREMONT, CA: "Kinum delivers a valuable service to thousands of medical, dental, and small businesses across the nation, along with solutions that increase revenue while protecting customer relations. Kinum is thrilled to partner with an innovator like Pandion." says Kinum Regional Owner Bryan R. Pereyo.

Pandion Optimization Alliance, a group purchasing organization (GPO) and supply chain consulting firm, and Kinum, an innovative collection and healthcare revenue cycle service, established a strategic alliance. By identifying solutions that address the requirements of Kinum's clients and safeguarding the relationships that Kinum Clients have worked hard to establish, Kinum is dedicated to putting people first.

The Kinum/Pandion cooperation offers full-service profit recovery services and cutting-edge collection solutions. Observing 1250+ Reviews on Google Kinum, Inc. has achieved a significant milestone; the company is pleased to have received over 1,200 reviews and to maintain a 4.8 rating for Google listings across all Kinum locations. Reviews on Kinum come from various sources, including many of the people it polled and happy consumers. These testimonials are proof of the personnel at Kinum's integrity, endurance, and professionalism.

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) and supply chain consulting firm Pandion Optimization Alliance. Since its founding in 1946, Pandion is one of the leaders in the supply chain and group purchasing industries. Due to Pandion's extensive experience can offer access to best-in-class contracts at the local, regional, and national levels for almost any good or service, including capital equipment, food and drink, office and cleaning supplies, and medical supplies.