OppLoans, in partnerships with banks and its mobile-first platform, facilitates the issuance of small-dollar loans to credit-challenged, middle-income consumers who are turned away by traditional financial providers.

FREMONT, CA: OppLoans, a leading financial technology platform that powers banks to help middle-income, credit-challenged consumers gain access to credit, announced three new partnerships with Experian, Steady, and BillShark. These mission-aligned organizations support OppLoans' commitment to helping customers build a better financial path through more financial resources, education, and support.

• Experian Boost is free to use, a first-of-its-kind product that allows customers to potentially improve their FICO Score with alternative data. Customers can connect their telecom and utility accounts and some streaming services to impact their credit scores through on-time payments instantly.

• Steady puts the power of worker-focused data and technology tools into the hands of its members to help solve their increasing income challenges. Steady makes it easier for workers to fill their income gaps, gain insights into their income, and improve their overall financial well-being. To date, over 2.1 million workers have registered with Steady.

• BillShark is the leader in the bill reduction marketplace, saving customers hundreds annually by negotiating lower rates on the internet, mobile, pay-tv, alarm, and other similar service bills and canceling unwanted subscriptions. No savings, no fees.

"OppLoans prides itself in delivering an exceptional customer experience and it is important that we help support customers who may be experiencing additional financial difficulties beyond credit access. By expanding the tools and education we provide through partnerships with Experian Boost, Steady, and BillShark, we can deliver these valuable financial resources to customers easily and effectively through our platform," said Natasha Anand, vice president of social impact, OppLoans.

As part of its newly created social impact strategy, OppLoans focuses its efforts on mission-aligned partnerships that can directly help consumers mitigate additional financial difficulties and provide financial wellness education. OppLoans also partners with SpringFour, a fintech that connects customers to trusted financial resources to build financial wellness.

"All of our partners support our company mission to build financial inclusion and credit access and to help customers graduate to a better financial path," adds Anand.