TF Holdings through its subsidiary companies, provides credit and financial wellness tools to consumers, and licenses loan origination, risk underwriting, and loan management software to lenders.

FREMONT, CA: TF Holdings officially launched Thinkflow, a new budgeting tool with cash flow management as its centerpiece, in a bid to help users gain control over their finances.

The team at Thinkflow realized that traditional budgeting tools are mostly backward-looking, which is a reactive way to manage finances. Neal Humphrey, Thinkflow General Manager, says, "Thinkflow focuses on personal cashflow forecasting coupled with solutions to solve cashflow problems before they happen, such as income improvement and bill scheduling. The Thinkflow team has been working on the product for nearly two years and we're excited to introduce our free tools this week."

In addition to cash flow management tools, Thinkflow features the only comprehensive, searchable database of side gigs online. The Income Helper tool is publicly available and at launch contains 90+ jobs, side hustles, and ways to make additional income.

The Thinkflow team will continue to work on enhancements to the Thinkflow cashflow forecaster and additions to its collection of side gigs. Martin Wong, CEO of TF Holdings, said, "Thinkflow is the first product launch for TF Holdings in the personal financial management space. It's our hope that these tools break new ground and give users a better way to manage their finances. We're very excited about the future of this product."