Robo-advisors in fintech simplify the overall estate planning process by accessing the user’s portfolio to examine their estate’s value and develop wills to ease the process.

Fremont, CA: For various investments and financial decisions, people often consult financial planners and advisors. However, the consultation fee may be expensive, and they may provide biased or incorrect advice. To eliminate such obstacles, robo-advisors are implemented to offer seamless services. They are cost-effective and precise in distributing assets, estate planning, and the entire financial advice.

Here are five applications of robo-advisors in fintech:


Robo-advisors in fintech can streamline insurance processes from selecting insurance policies to issuing insurance claims. It asks a number of questions to the potential policyholder to collect crucial data and recommend personalized insurance policies to the users. Robo-advisors also accept insurance claims and processes them autonomously.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the selection of proper investment strategies according to a user’s risk tolerance. Robo-advisors use predefined algorithms to establish the type of asset allocation. It also recommends methods for rebalancing the asset allocation of their clients.

Estate Planning

Robo-advisors in fintech simplifies the overall estate planning process by accessing the user’s portfolio to examine the value of their estate and develop wills to ease the process. Robo-advisors also assist in asset protection and planning for disabilities and terminal illness.

Balanced Projection

Robo-advisors evaluate investment strategies and possible risks to understand its impact on personal finances in the future. It develops visually appealing portfolio balance data by displaying a balanced curve on mathematical function development or stable growth.

Customer Onboarding

Robo-advisors gather important data in wealth management through a detailed questionnaire and analyze it using deep learning. It examines risk tolerance, investment strategies, and finances to increase gains and develop customized portfolios based on the correct analysis. Robo-advisors provide important wealth management advice and recommend investment strategies and services for customers.