Technological advancements enable businesses to follow improved debt collection methods to retain customers.

FREMONT, CA: With the recent Covid-19 pandemic and looming high inflation rates, many debtors may find themselves at risk or delinquent for the first time. Analysts predict a considerable rise in mortgage losses as well, particularly as prolonged unemployment benefits, active Covid-related forbearance loans, and temporary financial help expires.

Why your debt collection strategy should be centered on the needs of customers?

There is often a portion of the debtor population that is perpetually at danger of overdue. Unfortunately, the pandemic and inflationary pressures raise the possibility that any of the customers could enter the at-risk status throughout their relationship with your company.

The way you handle clients and their interactions with you during the debt collection process can have a big impact on your success in the engagement and loyalty stages as well as on your collection rates.

Ways to Improve Debt Collections

Providing customers a choice of digital channels encourages payment behavior: Banks and lenders' ability to recover debt is changing as a result of the rapid shift to digital channels, and those who take advantage of these consumer interaction alternatives succeed. The handling channel preference is a key factor in successful debt collection outcomes, just like with any customer engagement during the stages of the customer lifecycle. According to studies, debt payback through customers' preferred channels was most successful. The data resoundingly supports the notion that contact preferences and behaviors are driven by personal reasons that bear little relevance to the assessment criteria and contact processes developed by lenders.

Utilize omnichannel for Right Party Contact to take advantage of the shift to digital platforms: Using multichannel, multi-touch sequences, it is now possible to develop omnichannel flows that replace outmoded mail, email, and voice-only campaigns. Understanding which platform to utilize when for particular consumers depends on where they are in the debt cycle is part of omnichannel debt collection efforts.

By using analytics and AI-guided intelligent collection, increase efficiency and efficacy: Interaction tools that are powered by data and AI-guided debt collection can focus with accuracy and increase contact and recovery rates. AI models produce accurate forecasts, provide next-best-action intelligence, and reveal the factors that affect performance and connection rates.