Deon Norris, President and CEO, Norris Accounting & Tax Services CPA, LLCDeon Norris, President and CEO
When it came to financing and accounting , Deon Norris, CPA, President, and CEO of Norris Accounting & Tax Services CPA, LLC, was often the goto person for his peers.

A U.S. Army paratrooper veteran and accounting major he has worked for over a decade in federal, private, and non-profit financial sectors. He oversaw budgets upwards of $30 billion, formulated and implemented critical financial strategies, and built relationships with key stakeholders and leaders.

“Am I maximizing my profits?”

“Am I complying with the federal and state regulations?”

“Is my business valued accurately?”

These were some intriguing questions Deon frequently heard business owners ask themselves while attempting to improve their financial stature. Fortunately, Deon had the answers to all.

With his familiarity with accounting, tax, and finance, Deon decided to use his experience and business acumen to help individuals and businesses get their finances in order. Driven by his passion for acting as a trusted advisor, helping individuals, and offering holistic financial services, he founded Norris Accounting & Tax Services CPA, LLC.

Today, Norris Accounting & Tax Services CPA, LLC is a full-f ledged service accounting firm that covers the gamut of finance and helps government, individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations with accounting, audit, and tax issues.

“We take into account clients’ assets and liabilities and identify what fits their needs and where they’re trying to go,” says Deon. “Once we have a solid understanding, we walk them through the process and help them understand their financial stance.”

A Business Valuation Specialist You Can Trust

Business owners seldom possess the appropriate expertise to accurately value their business. The disparity between the perceived and actual value can be appalling. Since a business could be an individual’s largest financial asset, driving higher value from it favorably impacts an owner’s financial and personal well-being.

Accomplishing this is easier said than done, but Norris Accounting & Tax Services CPA, LLC, with its customer-centric business valuation services, says otherwise.

From generating cash flow statements to managing payrolls and preparing tax returns, the firm functions as a neutral third party, enabling businesses to set their value realistically, achieve maximum returns, and improve their bottom line.

Whether a business valuation is needed to obtain seed money, resolve shareholder disputes, or provide reports to investors, Norris Accounting & Tax Services employs industry-recognized and accepted methodologies to calculate the value of tangible and intangible assets. The evaluation includes a thorough analysis of a company’s financial history, operational, management, and marketing issues, and potential worth. These comprehensive valuations enable business owners to determine their business’s rank against competitors, market position, financial health, and growth according to preferred KPIs.

Norris Accounting & Tax Services has immense expertise in audits, compilations, and reviews and enables its clients to accurately present their true financial position to creditors, regulators, and shareholders.
Throughout the process, Deon and his team work closely with key personnel to gain knowledge of their Entity Level Controls (ELC).

The team then verifies and substantiates the procedures performed in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS). In addition to dynamic regulatory compliances, businesses face unprecedented challenges in today’s unpredictable world, and conducting appropriate planning could mean the difference between a successful and failed business.

Deon affirms it is more essential than ever to have the guidance and support of an expert business advisor. He and his team function like trusted consultants and empower clients to meet these challenges head-on by conducting business planning and enhancing their competitive advantage.

For us, client relationship transcends into friendship. We're always willing to help, no matter who it is or what questions they have. We are their trusted advisors

The company helps businesses identify revenue-generating opportunities and plan their future course of action. Deon ensures that the clients have all the necessary information to make informed and fruitful decisions that guarantee financial stability and prosperity. The company fuses its industry experience with tested solutions to develop financial strategies that complement a business’s specific objectives and roadmap. Norris Accounting & Tax Services’ business advisory services include planning for strategic growth, SAS 112 compliance, budget and cash f low analysis, assistance with debt and financing, and more. Even with the best strategies onboard, starting and managing a business is always risky, and every business is subjected to various degrees of financial risk.

No matter how significant a risk is, a well-planned and effective system of internal controls can keep it at bay. Housing a team of trained, skilled industry experts, Norris Accounting & Tax Services assists businesses in creating robust internal control systems to prevent fraud, ensure compliance, and align internal controls with company objectives. The team works with stakeholders to determine and record the weak spots in existing internal controls and test their effectiveness. The specialists–CPAs, CFEs, DIFAs, CISA, CISSPs and subject matter experts– then share these findings with the concerned executives and recommend modifications to strengthen existing policies. These recommendations include segregating duties for implementation, delegating responsibilities, ensuring authorized financial transactions, routine review and reconciliation of records, and more.

Ceaselessly Client-centric–A True Differentiator

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, what you did, but never forget how you made them feel.”

These words by Maya Angelou embody the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity .

From a business perspective, products and services can be copied, but strong, respectful, and transparent customer service cannot be. Customers feel more engaged and happy when treated with respect, enabling businesses to deliver services better. This philosophy is the cornerstone of Norris Accounting & Tax Services’ operations.

“Whether we are helping an individual or a global corporation, everyone is treated with the same level of respect and attentiveness,” adds Deon.
This client-centric approach to delivering services signifies Deon and his team’s dedication to ensuring a pleasant and trustful experience, understanding their challenges and requirements to the core, and offering appropriate services.

A typical interaction with Norris Accounting & Tax Services involves discussions that gauge a company’s potential valuation, financial status, and internal controls. These conversations unearth their financial deficiencies, associated risks, and future objectives. Based on their internal checklist, accounting systems, and internal controls, Deon and his team then conduct a mock audit to verify the provided information and existing structure.

After conducting mock audits and identifying areas that require improvement, the experts deploy appropriate accounting systems and processes. After performing a market analysis to determine the actual value of a business, it provides supporting documentation and helps clients with the actual audit process.

Keeping in mind that no two companies are alike and understanding the nuances of each enterprise’s workf lows, Norris Accounting & Tax Services tailors its services to each client’s unique characteristics, processes, and requirements, enabling them to holistically navigate the existing challenges and prepare for unprecedented ones. Augmenting the outcome of these services is Deon’s hands-on approach, where he routinely interacts with all of his clients and ensures that their requirements are met with utmost professionalism.

Deon believes relationships with clients must go beyond the transactional level. It is the personal touch that makes all the difference.

“For us, client relationships transcend into friendship. We’re always willing to help, no matter who it is or their questions. We are their trusted advisors,” says Deon.

Deon and his team build personal relationships with clients and provide them with a friendly atmosphere, ensuring they can comfortably share their problems, clarify their queries on time, and receive appropriate financial advice.

With such professionalism, responsiveness, and hard work, the company has enabled numerous individuals, enterprises, and organizations to make informed financial decisions. Its recent interaction with a small Delaware-based beauty supply store substantiates its ability and expertise in business valuation.
  • Whether we are helping an individual or a global corporation, everyone is treated with the same level of respect and attentiveness

Having already agreed to sell their business, the client contacted Deon for a consultation. After checking the accounting, payroll, and associated information, Deon realized the client was undervaluing their company. The team worked with the lawyers, communicated on the client’s behalf, and got them additional fifty thousand dollars on sale. Due to these customer-centric services, Norris Accounting & Tax Services has successfully helped businesses across the U.S. and beyond in technology, military, and other industries.

Looking ahead, the company’s long-term objective is to improve its brand awareness, help businesses through the tax season, and expand its physical presence across the country. Committed to excellence, clients’ success, and educating professionals, Norris Accounting & Tax Services CPA, LLC is en route to becoming a ubiquitous name in the financial service arena and fostering a customer-first culture.