Steve Kusic,  CEO, NRA GroupSteve Kusic, CEO
Debt collection agencies play an essential role in ensuring clients recover unpaid revenue and keeping their accounts current, driving profitability and efficiency. While there are many firms to choose from, finding the ideal agency––one that uses modern technologies and methodologies to facilitate secure and efficient collections can be challenging.

This is where National Recovery Agency (NRA Group) comes into the picture.

A leading woman-owned accounts receivable management company, NRA is at the forefront of advanced tech-driven debt collection strategies and methodologies, leveraging unique portals and data analysis to achieve exceptional returns.

NRA offers an array of services, including first-party collections, third-party collections, outsourcing, credit bureau reporting, debt purchasing, litigation, and skip tracing, to help healthcare and utility companies recover debt and enhance operating performance through cash flow improvements.

Steve Kusic, CEO of NRA Group, says, “NRA is set up to help clients in the ‘small balance area’, for accounts under $1,000, specifically focused on a business-to-consumer collection model. Our collection strategies utilize unique analytics and scoring models that are internally developed, allowing us to communicate with the consumer in order to get our clients the highest recovery possible.”

The issues companies face with accounts receivable management are ballooning. While pre-COVID debt balances were more manageable, they have increased significantly, particularly in industries like utilities. The Public Utilities Commission has enacted no shut-off policies post-pandemic, preventing companies from disconnecting consumers for not paying their bills. Similarly, the pandemic has introduced new challenges in managing and recovering revenue in the healthcare space.
NRA is on top of the current trends to help companies recover debts without any hassle, so they can focus on their core values instead of pursuing money owed.

When clients send their accounts to NRA, it performs thorough scrubbing and data analysis to categorize the accounts into buckets. The NRA team then runs these through its communication and work engines to prioritize tasks and determine which account needs to be worked on through which channel. Inbound communication channels and portals set the company apart, facilitating seamless and comprehensive interactions with its consumers.

NRA also offers mobile-exclusive payment portals, apart from traditional website payment portals, allowing consumers to log in and access their information on one screen without scrolling or checking boxes. The true power of NRA lies in its use of conversational AI and interactive voice response system for debt collection. Kusic calls it “the Siri for debt collection.” Customers can access NRA’s services 24/7, even during off-hours.

One of NRA’s leading clients uses multiple debt collection agencies for managing their collections. NRA has outperformed all its competitors working with this client with the use of advanced technology. With gains up to 160 percent of its projected goals, the company’s revenue recovery rate dominates rivals.

Our collection strategies utilize unique analytics and scoring models that are internally developed, allowing us to communicate with the consumer in order to get our clients the highest recovery possible

Backed by an incredible team of qualified collection staff and support personnel, NRA has delivered consistent performance for over thirty years. The team consists of highly skilled and educated individuals constantly improving and enhancing the technology behind the scenes. What was once primarily a telephone and mail-notification debt collection service has evolved into a technology-powered agency. The custom-built, omnichannel communication strategies and in-house analytics are a winning formula for NRA.

Kusic says, “We are highly technology focused. Using technology-driven events and opportunities, we are able to produce outstanding results. It all boils down to two key elements for us––money and happy clients.