Mr. Spiros Anthis, Commercial Director, OlisoftMr. Spiros Anthis, Commercial Director
Digital banking encompasses all forms of financial transactions carried out with the aid of technology. However, most banking institutions today struggle due to the complexity of their internal systems and the incompatibility between them. Digital transformation requires comprehensive re-engineering or even a complete redesign. Needless to say, this is a task easier said than done— requiring significant monetary investment.

The pandemic has further worsened the situation for banking institutions by disrupting their customer relationships. Following the shift from in-branch operations to online banking, most banks have lost contact with their customers and, therefore, the ability to cross-sell their products. To maintain and expand their customer base in today’s highly competitive digital banking environment, banks must focus on customer loyalty, invest in branding, and provide an effective customer experience.

That’s where Olisoft can help.

By pioneering the concept of tellerless bank branches based on interactive digital signage and remote video assistance, Olisoft offers innovative solutions and methods that help banks stay relevant and competitive. It is one of the first vendors to offer hybrid cloud solutions to the banking sector and the as-aservice business model.

Offering a Fully Integrated Platform

Today, Olisoft excels at offering a complete digital signage platform that provides bidirectional communication for the retail banking industry. The platform integrates and manages entertainment video feeds, background music and audio messages, dynamic infographics of financial information, localized weather and news feeds, in-store queue management for booking, customer feedback measurement, and visitor analytics.

“In addition to these applications for in-branch use, Olisoft’s platform interacts with the back-ends, providing payment solutions to its retail clients, such as bill payments or food ordering, with the use of interactive payment kiosks,” says Spiros Anthis, Commercial Director of Olisoft.

Olisoft has also introduced the first fully interactive queue management system to the banking sector, fully integrated into digital signage. It allows Olisoft to offer the benefits of an integrated platform of digital audiovisual content, interactivity, customer feedback measurement and crowd analytics, integration with news feeds, and complete customer flow management throughout the customer’s journey within the branch.
The banking institution benefits from reduced complexities while the customer receives a complete service experience, either by choosing the digital or the physical channel.

“We continuously invest to improve our products. We constantly evaluate our business model and the value our platform brings to our clients in order to stay ahead of the competition,” says Anthis.

Offering Optimum Security

Olisoft recognizes that security is a pillar for any banking institution. However, with the hybrid work model and the growing use of wireless devices, it has become difficult for IT teams to ensure holistic security. Customers, on the other hand, tend to believe that their banks will not only keep their money secure but also safeguard any other information banks have collected for them.

The openness of the Olisoft platform, its ready-to-use functionalities, and a series of integration tools and SDKs ensure easy adaptation to constantly-changing banking regulations. It is compatible with all common systems used by banks and provides complete transparency into the operation.

The integrated Olisoft platform can work fully on a single VM, providing essential functionality that includes digital signage, queue management, interactive applications and feedback collection, monitoring, change and patch management, data consolidation, reporting, and visitor analytics. It also ensures secure data transfer from the server to various locations, powered by both symmetric and asymmetric encryption and data integrity checks. Not stopping there, Olisoft runs regular campaigns to raise consumer awareness on a variety of fraud-related issues.

We continuously invest to improve our products. We constantly evaluate our business model and the value our platform brings to the clients in order to stay ahead of the competition

“Security is essential for both our bank and non-bank clients, especially when digital signage is critical to their operation and affects their income. All of our customers enjoy financial-grade security standards and compliance, including government authorities, factories, retail chains, transportation, and gambling agencies,” Anthis.

The Partner of Choice

Olisoft has carved a unique niche through its ability and willingness to quickly adapt its applications to clients’ varying needs. The company’s end-to-end digital signage offering begins with analyzing a customer’s needs and a banking institution’s objectives. As a result, the company is able to fill any operational gaps while providing design services, content, and software solutions.

With its open architecture and customization tools, Olisoft can provide tailor-made solutions to consistently address client requirements pertaining to user experience and IT integration or expansion demands.

Having worked in the banking sector since 2005, Olisoft has extensive experience in interactive digital applications, tens of thousands of managed systems spread across the world, and in-depth know-how in operating with enterprise-level clients. All these make Olisoft the partner of choice to deliver and operate any digital signage project.