Fernando Serrano Managing Principal & Director, Perla Global Capital AdvisorsFernando Serrano Managing Principal & Director
Financial challenges are table stakes for any business focused on their primary functions. Business owners can get distracted by the need to improve their core business, overlooking finance performance or trying to keep pace with its financial obligations. These issues can grow over time, until the company finds itself in a compromising situation. In response, a company will need to reorganize its financial assets and liabilities, so as to improve its financial health, triggering the need for financial restructuring. Needless to say, business leaders and key decision makers require a dynamic partner to help them navigate this process and protect their brand reputation. To help organizations restructure their finances and establish a business strategy , Perla Global Capital Advisors emerges as a reliable partner by bringing to bear its expertise in Special Situations Investment Banking & Restructuring Advisory Services with USD $25 Million to USD $500 Million in debt/equity requirement capital structures.

Perla takes a comprehensive approach to provide better transparency and communication as they restructure and strategize their new organizational processes. The company carefully analyzes customers’ operations and processes to improve cash management, sales, underutilized assets, strategic initiatives for diversification and more. Perla offers restructuring solutions in the form of mergers and acquisitions, capitalization and leadership changes, and has a proven track record in delivering a high standard of Due Diligence and Business Policy Practices. These offerings are strongly supported by its international group of Law Firms and Research Advisors within its worldwide transactional experience in over 20 key industry sectors.
The company initiates its engagement with a client introduction phase, to understand clients’ strategic objectives and pain points. Subsequently, they conduct their due diligence to ascertain the company’s financial, operational management, regulatory and legal structure. The team looks at proprietary internal documents and analysis while creating the confidential information memorandum (CIM). CIM is a detailed document of an extended business plan with exit strategies, market valuations, and strategic initiatives. Once the CIM is completed, the company will bring in investors, sponsors or strategic investment companies that look for corporate development by acquisitions and cross-border equity or debt joint ventures.

Over the years, the company has built a stellar reputation with many clients across the country and international market place by providing high-value services. “Our corporate finance group and restructuring advisory group brings product expertise and innovation to clients in a variety of industries with a global reach,” states Fernando Serrano, Managing Principal & Director of Perla. Serrano cites a scenario where a company in Mexico was in financial crisis. With the help of Perla’s advisory services, the Mexican company was able to find a joint venture equity sponsor from Singapore and London. By helping them find investors, Perla was able to enhance client’s financial health and give the client company in Mexico access to new capital markets.

Our corporate finance group and restructuring advisory group brings product expertise and innovation to Clients in a variety of industries with a Global Reach

For the future, Perla is going to continue its growth rate and expand its portfolio of services. The company is looking at different countries where they can bring in value and at the same time be able to offer a bridge so they can take advantage of each other's opportunities. They will also be strengthening its client and partner relationships worldwide. For companies looking to restructure their finances, Perla is the right partner that helps them achieve strategic and financial objectives while enhancing shareholder value.