Joshua Goodman President, Pinnacle Unemployment Services and ConsultingJoshua Goodman President
Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting is an innovative consulting company helping businesses with their unemployment insurance (UI) needs. With more than two decades of consulting, technology, and process management experience, the company has become the go-to partner for numerous organizations to comply with mandatory state UI regulations and avoid costly UI mistakes that can cost thousands of dollars a year.

“We primarily work with local businesses that lack a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of UI—how to respond to claims or how the unemployment tax rates work. Our goal is to help these organizations efficiently and accurately respond to claims and ensure that they are not damaged by a claim that could have been avoided,” says Joshua Goodman, president, Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting.

Unlike other players in the market, Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting keeps clients updated regarding every step of the UI claims process. This has been possible due to its ability to electronically store all the essential UI-related documents as well as retrieve and share them with clients whenever the need arises. Consequently, businesses can quickly complete necessary paperwork without sifting through numerous documents or engaging multiple staff members.

Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting realizes that the regulations around UI are extremely complicated and they are subject to rapid changes. This is why the company goes beyond just claims processing to rightly educate managers, supervisors, and decision-makers through seminars and inperson coaching. The company generally covers a wide range of topics, including the importance of proper documentation of misconduct, leaves of absence, and resignations, state laws surrounding quits, and progressive discipline. It also provides organizations with electronic form templates, enabling them to document any situation.
Another important aspect of Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting’s services is consulting. This is dedicated to helping businesses deal with any situation that might arise with an employee. Clients can call the company’s consultants anytime to receive the best guidance on how to resolve an issue before the claim or win an appeal. Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting also conducts handbook reviews and edits them to ensure handbooks are in compliance with state regulations. This plays a vital role in reducing the chances of costly unemployment claims.

“We do a cover-to-cover review of handbooks to ensure they are not missing any critical point and lessen any possibility of conflict,” says Goodman.
  • Aside from proactive education and safety nets set up to protect your business and organized management of paperwork, you get the most value from Pinnacle during a claim. This is when we will take the lead and be a client’s guide, navigating the confusing process of time critical paper filings and, proper language on submissions to the State

The robust capabilities of Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting can be best exemplified by the success story of an organization that was facing certain financial issues when they received their unemployment tax rate calculation for the new tax year. Pinnacle Unemployment Services provides an audit of the new unemployment tax rate each year. This audit can uncover errors that the state has made in the calculation of the tax rate and can also show that utilizing a voluntary contribution can save a company significant dollars. In this case the employer was unaware that the voluntary contribution option existed let alone could save them thousands. The audit was completed and uncovered a savings of over $100,000 by using the voluntary contribution option.

Pinnacle Unemployment guided them through the state’s voluntary contribution process which provided significant savings to the client that was not aware these savings existed. Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting always puts its best foot forward to help clients succeed and achieve the acme of success. The company’s nimble, client-focused and innovative unemployment services enable it to stay a notch above the rest.