Robert Fahrenhorst, Managing Director and George Lanza, President & Managing Partner, Plethora BusinessesRobert Fahrenhorst, Managing Director and George Lanza, President & Managing Partner
To finalize the legacy of their business, owners contemplating a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) deal do so with great thought and care. Often times, unexpected challenges like emotional readiness, talent gap, document control, and a litany of operational barriers may interrupt the process. Before selling, even the largest companies may struggle with M&A initiatives if they do not formulate a strategic plan.

Plethora Businesses is an established M&A advisor to privately held companies and their strategic initiatives. Their primary services are appraisal, sale transactions, and consulting with companies between $10M and $100M in annual revenue. After more than 22 years in the business, Plethora has developed a set of procedures which streamline the processes for sellers and buyers. They help their seller clients starting with a detailed company evaluation and assessment.

Business sellers in today’s market are challenged in attracting the right buyers and may underestimate the rigors of the sale process. Many sellers often find themselves unprepared for the very detailed diligence lists which can stress their systems’ abilities to meet such requests.

Identifying and overcoming these challenges involves solid preparation starting with a team of trusted advisors. Plethora works with many clients that benefit from a thorough review of their books and records. Tailor-made teams within Plethora help guide the seller through each phase. “At the time of engagement with a new client,we assign at least three Plethora team members to be in communication with the clients, often daily. Every transaction has one senior team member with at least 10 years of experience in the M&A process,” says Robert Fahrenhorst, Managing Director.

Due Diligence is a grueling step in the M&A process and seller clients want to know their investment and time will not be in vain.
Buyers often want to partner with advisors that have experience in bringing well-vetted companies to market. Connectivity to the pulse of experienced buyers and growth investors has built Plethora’s reputation within investor pools and helps them match the right parties.

Access to a global buyer pool for every transaction is not Plethora’s only formula for success; rather, instead of mass marketing, they handpick companies to identify the best strategic buyers. Effective research, customer-centric service, team approach, and a confidential process enables them to successfully close nearly 90 percent of deals that reach the LOI stage.

Business sellers expect the process to be completed with total confidentiality. “Our whole team takes confidentiality very seriously. We go to great lengths to ensure that M&A transactions are closed with the utmost privacy and our clients value our ability to generate strong response through viable offers while also limiting the amount of data in circulation,” says Dora Lanza, Co-Founder & COO. They take extra steps throughout to ensure only executive level decision makers are privy to private data, until the Buyer has reached pre-determined milestones.

Our team and worldwide research approach that focuses on finding the best buyers have given us great results and success in closing M&A deals. We are a small boutique firm that has consistently been in the top 20 M&A firms in the nation

Confidentiality and trust allow Plethora to create a situation where they leverage multiple parties’ interest to achieve the highest value possible. They look for buyers that have a particular strategic need that can be addressed through an acquisition. In a recent transaction for a specialty metals manufacturing company, Plethora marketed the business and received 15 offers before settling on the best fit, which was $58 million cashat nearly 2x the Seller’s expected value. These are the types of success stories that Plethora prides itself in.

Plethora Businesses is experienced across multiple industries; their sector coverage includes manufacturing, distribution, transportation, plus many others.

“For the 22 years in business, Plethora is a recognized M&A expert that has consistently been in the top 20 boutique M&A firms in the nation,” says George Lanza, President & Managing Partner.