Giovanni Castellanos, VP Sales and Marketing, Plus Technologies & Innovations (PLUS TI)Giovanni Castellanos, VP Sales and Marketing
While the finance industry is moving toward ubiquitous digitalization, fraudsters are discovering new weak spots in digital financial applications. As financial fraud continues to remain a persistent problem, detecting and mitigating fraud have topped the priority list for financial institutions across the world. Unfortunately, customers of financial institutions tend to be naive in the use of new technologies. With the rapid advance of these technologies, fraudsters are undoubtedly taking advantage of their prey—the customers. Against this challenging backdrop, financial institutions are tenaciously exploring newer ways to prevent and control financial crime and, at the same time, optimize processes. Enter Plus Technologies & Innovations (also known as PLUS TI)—a leading software development firm that provides financial institutions with robust solutions to prevent financial crime.

From fraud prevention and control, anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) compliance, continuous auditing, GRC and risk management to customer experience and business intelligence, and more, PLUS TI provides a wide range of solutions to fight financial fraud and optimize institutional processes. “Our primary objective is to collaborate with clients and deliver the right solutions to create a safer financial world. We are highly committed to helping financial institutions achieve their goals of providing safer transactions to their customers without friction along with an excellent customer experience,” says Giovanni Castellanos, VP Sales and Marketing at Plus Technologies & Innovations. “At the end of the day, fraud prevention units must focus their entire strategy on three pillars—reduce loss, optimize operational efficiency, and provide a good customer experience.”

Castellanos explains that customers of financial institutions are the weakest link within the financial ecosystem, and ensuring that they are safe and at ease with each transaction they make is a dynamic and continuous process. To this end, PLUS TI focuses its efforts on protecting a transaction in its different layers of interaction, from the device to the correlation of various channels and products that a customer uses. Through this, PLUS TI obtains a real-time image of the customer and becomes highly efficient in the analysis, thereby effectively preventing fraud while reducing friction.

PLUS TI takes pride in its long industry trajectory, serving 400 financial institutions in five continents over 17 years of its market presence. The company has singularly focused on the prevention of financial crime and has remained steadfast in evolving its detection technology ever since its inception. PLUS TI delivers not only one of the best detection engines worldwide but also prevention models developed and tested by banking experts who understand the real-world problems from the inside.

We are highly committed to helping financial institutions achieve their goals of providing safer transactions to their customers without friction along with an excellent customer experience

PLUS TI has empowered financial institutions to weather the storms of financial crimes successfully. As a testament to this, Castellanos recalls their engagement with a financial institution looking to integrate their ATM video surveillance network with the transactional universe. PLUS TI stepped in to help the client achieve their objective to correlate high-risk transactions or unusual behavior of ATM operations. PLUS TI enabled the client to take control of the ATM and the ATM camera in real-time, helping validate the person making the transaction. This translated into great savings for the institution and allowed them to document criminals with images for the security forces, thereby lowering the fraud levels unimaginably in their ATM network.

“At the heart of PLUS TI is our commitment to helping clients succeed in achieving their goals. This is coupled with the passion for what we do,” remarks Castellanos. These two principles have brought PLUS TI to where it is today. Amidst numerous vendors providing financial fraud control solutions, what differentiates PLUS TI—the real partner to its customers—is its zeal to add value in a safer financial world.

PLUS TI has strong global expansion plans in its pipeline. The company intends to grow in emerging markets supporting secure financial inclusion. In terms of its platform, PLUS TI looks to expand the technological enablers, including the cloud, which forms the basis of everything new the company is doing as well as great advances in machine learning (ML) that are important for the evolution of the company’s entire ecosystem of financial crime prevention solutions. With the unprecedented revolution in the financial and technological sector and the rise of open banking, the fintech world and digital banks are focusing on what is most important to users. "To this end, the leaders of the fraud or financial crime prevention units must lead agendas with common objectives and not individual ones.While this remains a common denominator for business growth, creating islands of fraud not only becomes a barrier to growth but also presents opportunities for fraudsters. Therefore, joining efforts and defining frameworks is an important task in the strategy to fight against financial crime,” notes Castellanos.