Robert Barger, President, and CEO of Rapid Collections., Rapid CollectionsRobert Barger, President, and CEO of Rapid Collections.
The pursuit of commercial debtors with a systematic approach using outsourced and skilled labor can help avoid court disputes and severe repercussions for a company’s reputation. However, timely recovery of debts through a third party without impacting professional image and client relationships is akin to treading a delicate tightrope. Rapid Collections, a leading commercial debt recovery agency, was founded in 2003 by the company’s president and CEO, Robert Barger, to offer solutions that re-design, streamline, and efficiently secure the debt collection process. Having managed the accounts receivable of a global PR firm, Barger has the extensive background and creative approach required to boost cash collections while safeguarding client investments and relationships. Today, Rapid Collections is a highly trusted and proven debt collection agency that continues to bring over two decades of industry-leading experience and best practices to help mid-sized and Fortune 500 corporations in commercial debt collection. The company has a global network of consultants, collection agents, paralegals, and attorneys across the U.S., Canada, EMEA, and the Pacific Rim.

“Our organization’s unique methodical approach leverages the best industry practices and technology to tailor solutions, set benchmarks, proactive measures, and educate our clients while satisfying their specific requirements,” says Barger. Rapid Collections assists companies in the entire collections process, offering shared services, commercial collection services, legal representation, and O2C software.

Rapid Collections’ specialists carry out the collection process in-house, contacting the debtor by phone and in writing while adhering to federal and state laws. Its agents thoroughly review, understand, and discuss any concerns with the client before contacting the debtor. The client is in complete control of the process and makes the final decision to accept or reject an offer or proceed with legal representation. Where there is a case of dispute, Rapid Collection’s seasoned attorneys and paralegals help to reach an amicable solution between the parties by scrutinizing all contractual documents. The company’s lawyers analyze every piece of communication and evidence to weigh it against the overall debt as the ideal approach for protecting and collecting for the clients’ best interests.
Whether it’s collecting outstanding debt, training employees, or setting up a new collections system, Rapid Collections focuses on protecting the relationship between client and debtor by providing long-term added value in ongoing operations with its extensive industry knowledge and project management experience.

The efficacy of Rapid Collections is illustrated in an instance where a Fortune 200 marketing and advertising firm found itself hindered by various clients making late payments or breaching contractual terms. As more past due payments went unresolved, the firm’s problem compounded, leaving them with the conundrum of recovering the debt without damaging the relationship with the clients. The marketing and advertising firm’s total exposure with billed and unbilled transactions, including fees, expenses, future revenue, and its impact on current and upcoming clients, was analyzed by Rapid Collections. The commercial debt collecting specialists then used best practices to engage the debtors while protecting the firm’s image and assets. In addition, Rapid Collections re-designed and streamlined payment plans, settlements, or write-offs to help the firm regain control over the situation and maximize its incoming cash. Owing to the expertise of Rapid Collections, the client has improved the receivables process internally to prevent a similar scenario in the future and built consistency in their cash flow.

Our organization’s unique methodical approach leverages the best-industry practices and technology to tailor solutions, set benchmarks, proactive measures and educate our clients while satisfying their specific requirements

Rapid Collections has earned a first-class reputation as a commercial debt recovery agency, domestically and internationally, by maintaining a 95 percent success rate. The company has managed up to $3.5 billion in global assets and has seen its volume of receivables recovered for clients grow to $600 million annually. Rapid Collections has continuously monitored and taken steps to improve its services in parallel with the economy and restructuring changes of its clients. In today’s highly volatile economy, the company is well-positioned to grow in newer markets and strives to develop long-term business relationships with its clients by helping them increase their financial leverage.

In summary, Rapid Collections is a highly trusted and established debt recovery firm that will help you leverage its proven best practices to gain control of your accounts receivable process and boost your cash flow on a consistent basis. The company’s numerous awards and recognition by established publications are a testament to that success.