Nicholas Antoine, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Red Arts CapitalNicholas Antoine and Chad Strader, Co-Founders and Managing Partners
Red Arts Capital is a leading private equity firm that invests in supply chain and logistics-related businesses. It focuses on investing in lower- and middle-market privately-owned, family, or multi-generational firms with solid business fundamentals and vital track records.

Red Arts Capital collaborates with businesses and aligns culturally with their goals and values. They also provide strategic and capital support to strengthen the client’s businesses.

‘‘We consider ourselves partners to organizations, supporting their long-term growth strategies,’’ says Nicholas Antoine, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Red Arts Capital.

Red Arts Capital’s partner-centric approach guarantees flexibility and quick work, distinguishing it from the market competition.
For instance, it invested in Midwest Motor Express (MME), a transportation platform founded in North Dakota in 1918. MME has a remarkable history of steady growth and was well acknowledged in the rural markets of the Midwest and Upper Midwest. Many generations of the family were involved in the business when Red Arts Capital acquired MME. The family sought liquidity and additional support in expanding their business under new management and ownership structure.

“We invested in MME in 2019 and provided the strategic resources to help them grow. In two years, the company doubled in size and we ultimately found a wonderful long-term home for the business at Knight-Swift, a large diversified transportation business with additional resources to help grow MME even further,” says Antoine.

We consider ourselves partners to organizations, supporting their long-term growth strategies

Red Arts Capital is proud to work with an extensive network of executives from different areas of the Supply Chain Sector. The team’s years of experience in investing and operations have made them adept at providing strategic financial and operational guidance. The team is not only acquainted with portfolio companies customers but also has a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its competitors. This enables Red Arts Capital to hit the ground running with management teams to help strategically from day one of investment.