John M. Schobel, CEO and Founder, RegEdJohn M. Schobel, CEO and Founder
One can argue that in the technology business you can have too much experience. Many established players have been left behind by new competitors promising the latest and greatest. So, how does a mature technology company keep things fresh, especially in a field with a reputation for stodginess like compliance? “Effective compliance is essential to protecting everyday investors, and the tools that firms use to provide that protection must evolve at the same rapid pace as the industry we support,” says John M. Schobel, CEO and Founder, RegEd.

Things never stand still in the compliance space. There are always new opportunities, risks and an incredibly dynamic regulatory environment. So, RegEd has always operated under a philosophy of not only keeping pace with industry change but collaborating with clients to be a step ahead, anticipating the next evolution of what will be required to manage risk and grow compliantly.

RegEd is the rare example of a long-time leader that has been at the forefront of its industry since the beginning, helping financial services firms continually achieve new levels of efficiency and consistently increase the effectiveness of compliance for more than two decades, dating back to selling paper and CD-based continuing education as a family-run startup.

Today, RegEd continues to elevate the agent, advisor, and admin user experience to the next level as it serves 80 percent of the nation’s top 25 financial services firms. In doing so, it has embraced emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, as its solutions evolve.

Innovative and responsive enterprise compliance solutions

The voice of the customer echoes through all that RegEd does. The company consistently incorporates the latest advancements and best practices into its compliance solutions. “Customers’ needs drive our innovation. We start by listening to their challenges,” Schobel asserts.

RegEd representatives sit on the boards of several industry groups and the company sponsors more than 20 conferences and events that build the knowledge and advance the education of financial services compliance, credentialing, operations and IT professionals each year. Most importantly, RegEd partners with clients in innovation through client advisory boards, product working groups, and industry round tables.

In these venues, customers discuss the difficulties of compliance teams having to do more without additional resources. Firms also share challenges in search of solutions because the stakes keep rising as compliance becomes more complex and potential consequences more severe. Regulators levy larger and larger fines as they seek to hold firms responsible for non-compliance, particularly if investors suffer. "Compliance is as critical as any function at a firm. And, as with any function, it can be transformed through the use of technology," Schobel says.
Recent innovations in regulatory technology and responses to industry needs from RegEd include:
• Delivering a next-generation Agency Contracting solution to automate the onboarding process and reduce the time to contract and appoint new producers, while providing a frictionless user experience and speeding time to market.
Launching a real-time “clear to sell” that lets financial professionals place compliant business faster.
Expanding intelligent capabilities for the market-leading Enterprise Advertising Review and Xchange Licensing and Registration solutions.
Offering Investment Adviser Representative Continuing Education (IAR CE) courses that IARs take to efficiently fulfill new requirements that states are implementing based on the North American Securities Administrators Association’s
Investment Adviser Representative Continuing Education Model Rule.

Support for Continuously Evolving Distribution Models

RegEd reduces the compliance burden on financial professionals so that they spend more time and effort acquiring and serving clients. In the fight for talent, firms gain a competitive advantage through an enterprise compliance platform that emphasizes ease-of-use and the elimination of manual tasks.

For example, a financial services firm with more than $80 billion in assets under management has grown in part because its reps are empowered to place business more quickly and compliantly through a one-stop, firm-branded enterprise compliance platform from RegEd. A seamless onboarding experience lets them sell almost immediately and streamlined advertising review processes speed time to market.

Similarly, one of the nation’s largest insurance, banking, and investment solutions providers has doubled its producer population over the last decade — without expanding its licensing staffing — by automating and streamlining processes with RegEd’s Enterprise Xchange Onboarding, Licensing, and Registration solution.

RegEd is also helping insurance carriers, agencies and agents succeed amidst evolving distribution models. As consumers buy more insurance online, RegEd solutions enable the real-time processing of agencies, agents and business that is essential to success.

RegEd’s proven, holistic approach to innovating enterprise compliance technology meets firms where they are on the compliance management continuum, scaling as their needs evolve. And this approach undeniably has the firm well-positioned for wherever the industry goes from here.