Kevin Fu, CEO, RepoolKevin Fu, CEO
Private funds are an increasingly popular form of alternative investing. More and more talented traders are interested in becoming hedge fund managers, and at the same time, competition for investor capital is increasing.

So, hedge funds are in-demand, but how does one actually launch a fund and succeed?

Setting up a hedge fund is traditionally a complex task. It’s labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly, and requires the coordination of multiple fund services providers and legal counsel. Mistakes in launch can mean not only financial losses, but also potential for legal consequences.

Considering these complexities, a group of Silicon Valley fintech veterans established Repool, a unique fund-in-a-box and fund administration solution provider dedicated to automating, modernizing, and simplifying fund services for emerging managers.

“The primary core competency of a fund manager is trading, not fund back-office operations and regulatory expertise. There is no reason launching a fund should be such a manual and complex process,” says Kevin Fu, CEO of Repool.

Prior to Repool, launching a hedge fund could easily cost six figures while taking months and requiring a manager to juggle multiple, disconnected vendors; now, Repool allows emerging managers to set up and launch institutional-grade private funds in just weeks for as little as $20,000.
Repool’s fund-in-a-box platform supports hedge funds and digital asset funds, blending fund formation and offering document drafting, administration and accounting, investor onboarding, compliance and regulatory filings, and fund banking all into one platform.

Outside of launch, traditional ongoing back-office services are also often archaic, with little to no technology, leading to painful administrative work for managers and poor investor experiences - Repool’s FundOS software provides managers with a single source of access for administration and banking wrapped in a modern, cloud-based infrastructure to give them time back, all while keeping investors happy with a modern investor portal and seamless subscription document execution.

People tell us that our platform is already better than competitors, so they’re shocked when they learn that we’ve only been building it for a year. We’re excited for what’s yet to come.

“We reduce the time to execute sub-docs from hours to just minutes. And because we digitize the experience, we prevent investors from making mistakes in their sub-docs, which is a common and irritating problem” says Fu.

“There are so many big and little irritations around launching and operating a fund,” he continues, “we make all those things go away so that managers can focus on what they do best - investing.”

With its unique team that blends Silicon Valley DNA with traditional fund services expertise, Repool is rapidly building its platform in ways that propel it ahead of competitors.

“People tell us that our platform is already better than competitors, so they’re shocked when they learn that we’ve only been building it for a year,” laughs Fu. “We’re excited for what’s yet to come.”

Needless to say, Repool presents a huge market opportunity for fund managers without a team of in-house engineers by providing them the software that can streamline and scale their business.