Craig Brown, Owner, Restructuring Advisory GroupCraig Brown, Owner
For over 3 decades, Restructuring Advisory Group has assisted companies and real estate investors in navigating the Chapter 11 waters by taking the lead role in restructuring loans, negotiating Lender settlements, providing Chapter 11 financing, writing reorganization plans, and memorializing the deals that we cut into confirmable reorganization plans.

Our Expertise

We are real estate and business professionals whose Chapter 11 expertise spans multiple industries and property types nationwide.

Businesses We Have Restructured/ Refinanced

Restaurants, Lumber Companies, Trucking Companies, International Cosmetic Companies, Environmental Remediation Companies (Super Fund Sites.) Private Schools, Hotels, Car Washes, Gas Stations, Retail Stores, Dental Practices, Hospitals, Resorts, Manufacturing Companies, Liquor Stores, Mom and Pop Retail, Senior Living Facilities, Timeshare Companies,

Real Estate Projects We Have Restructured/Refinanced

Hotels, Office Buildings, Retail Centers, Oil and Gas Drilling, Regional Shopping Centers, Big Box Retail Centers, Car Washes, Industrial Parks, Theatres, Strip Centers, Motels, Residential Subdivisions, Gas Stations, Self-Storage, Multi-Family Residential Portfolios, Single Family Residential Portfolios, Senior Living Facilities.

Offering A Creative and Effective Choice

Chapter 11 is akin to a high pressure refinance negotiation that once concluded, is memorialized in a business plan (the Reorganization Plan.)

A properly run Chapter 11 “restructures” your existing loan, by modifying that loan, in-place, with the Bank/Lender you already have and in fact, a properly run Chapter 11 will improve the terms of the loan you already have. That is what a Chapter 11 reorganization is: You make the bank refinance its own loan with you on terms and conditions that are typically superior to those that you had prior filing Chapter 11. Once you’ve got the Bank/Lender positioned to rewrite the loan, you memorialize it in the Reorganization Plan and exit the Bankruptcy.

You may ask isn’t that what the lawyers should do for you in a Chapter 11, negotiate the deals and write the Reorganization Plan? Our answer is a resounding no. Law firms are nowhere near as qualified as Restructuring Advisory Group to achieve those ends. Nor are they as affordable or efficient in doing so.The proper role for law firms in Chapter 11 is to be your advocate in court and to leave the business of daily strategic decisions and the business of restructuring and refinancing debt, to businessmen. We in fact are those Businessmen and our Chapter 11 expertise focuses solely on those strategic and financial issues.

To that end, we are always amazed when seasoned business owners and real estate investors tell us that their Chapter 11 is OK because “their lawyer is taking care of things, writing the plan and working out a deal with the bank.”

Let’s sit back and let that sink in for a moment. As a property owner or business owner, when in your lifetime have you ever sat back from an important negotiation (in this case the most important negotiation of your lifetime) and said, “let the lawyers handle it?” Moreover, would the first though that comes to your mind if you needed a business plan be “I think I’ll call a law firm to write my business plan…Of course not.

Yet, when you file Chapter 11, almost by default, you suddenly find that you are leaving it all up to the lawyers.

Lawyers setting strategies and negotiating with other lawyers is time consuming, very expensive, fraught with risk, inefficient, and ineffective. Were it not so, we would all run our businesses through law firms.

But we don’t run our Businesses through Law Firms do we. So it only makes sense that a business owner or property owner should turn to seasoned business professionals to manage the Chapter 11 negotiations, the refinancing, the debt restructuring and to craft the Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan (it is a business plan after all) and then have the law firms practice their craft, and be your advocate in court, not your Business and Financial Advisor.
That’s Where Restructuring Advisory Group Comes In.

With 25-year track-record in Chapter 11’s and the relationship it has formalized with banks and financial institutions over its decades of Chapter-11 reorganizations has resulted in a cadre of financial institutions with whom the firm underwrites its clients’ Chapter 11 loans at market interest rates.

We are Chapter 11 Business and Financial Advisors who

Negotiate Bank and Lender Settlements Directly with the

Bank/Lender…No unnecessary Lawyer Back and Forth Refinance Chapter 11 Real Estate

Refinance Chapter 11 Businesses Structure and Write Reorganization Plans

Analyze Your Financials and Generate the Chapter 11 Financial Exhibits and Projections Interface With Your Lawyers… We Speak Their Language and Keep Them on Task Are Expert Witnesses in Plan Confirmation Hearings

Our Decades of Confirmed Reorganization Plans and Chapter 11 Financing Sets us Apart

Filing a Chapter 11 thrusts you into a venue that is quite foreign and most likely, is one you likely have little if any knowledge of. However, when you bring Restructuring Advisory Group on board, we join you…at the hip…and we change the dynamic of your Chapter 11. Decades ago we went through our own Chapter 11’s and won. Since then, we’ve restructured and refinanced close to $1 billion in property and businesses in Chapter 11 ranging in size as small as $200,000 to as large as $50 million. We have also written well over 300 Chapter 11 reorganization plans over the last 30+ years and bring a businessman’s perspective and knowledge to the process. In sum, we normalize the whole process for you and turn the Legalize you are hearing on a daily basis into plain English.

We Maximize Your Leverage in Chapter 11

It may seem self-evident, but the only reason get into a Chapter 11 is to get out of the Chapter 11: So how do you get you from A to Z quicker and more affordably?

We are real estate and business professionals whose Chapter 11 expertise spans multiple industries and property types nationwide

The answer to that question is, you successfully emerge from the Chapter 11 by formulating a feasible and confirmable reorganization plan, that takes advantage of the Bankruptcy Code by proposing a Reorganization Plan that offers the judge an opportunity to “Cram Down” your Lenders. The bankruptcy code enables a business or real property owner to restructure the Bank/Lender debts over their objection. (this is called the cram down provision in Chapter 11) and when properly wielded, is a potent negotiating tool to achieve maximum results for your Company.

Restructuring Advisory Group is an expert in formulating cram down plans and the leverage that the cram down plan creates to induce Banks, Private Lenders, Credit Unions and Vendors into negotiating deals that we then incorporate into the final plan resulting in a healthy exit from Chapter 11.

Restructuring Advisory Group: Your Strategic Choice

The fact is once you file Chapter 11, the vast majority of the issues you face going forward are strategic, not legal.

Those issues include but are not limited to…. Analyzing your market, analyzing your competitors, cutting costs , raising capital, financing real property, financing equipment, analyzing market interest rates and trends, , interfacing and renegotiating terms with suppliers and vendors, effectively renegotiating the terms of your loans with Banks and Private Lenders, formulating financial projections and putting forward a feasible business plan, all of which all are in the Restructuring Advisory Group wheelhouse and are best left to we, the businessmen.

A simple way to put it is the Law Firms’ Lane is (and should remain) the legal one, whereas our Lane is the strategic, analytical and financial one.

Our 30 + years of restructuring and refinancing Chapter 11 businesses and real estate nationwide has shown the best results are not achieved by negotiating through the filter of law firms and paying for batteries of attorneys.

Our 30 + years of restructuring and refinancing Chapter 11 businesses and real estate nationwide and the hundreds of reorganization plans we have confirmed speak to that point and speak volumes.

All these reasons make Restructuring Advisory Group your Chapter 11 Business and Financial Advisor of choice.