Perry Price, CEO, Revation SystemsPerry Price, CEO
Today, customers, especially in the banking industry, demand seamless access to expert service personnel who can quickly address their complex and emergency situations. It goes without saying that although digital channels are preferred for banking, human intervention remains the top priority for customers to secure their financial transactions. That said, regional and community banks struggle to deliver a high-touch customer experience (CX) across the digital and physical domains. The reason? A lack of resources and the coinciding capital to acquire and manage cutting-edge technologies available in the market.

Led by a team that strongly believes in forging human relationships to maximize CX, Revation Systems offers innovative and secure communication solutions that enable banks’ customers to achieve financial security. “At Revation, we believe in the power of human relationships and that innovation in communication will connect people at the bank with their customers,” says Perry Price, CEO of Revation. “With such a belief, we make and secure intelligent communication across digital and physical channels to deliver high-touch experiences to customers of banks, credit unions, and even healthcare organizations.”

As different regional and community banks have unique needs for a holistic digital transformation, Revation has developed LinkLive Banking, a unified communications solution that helps banks communicate with customers, employees, and business partners seamlessly across channels. Built from the ground up with a security first mindset and a flexible framework, the solution—built in-house—easily aligns with the users’ digital transformation agenda.

LinkLive Banking is a modular solution comprising three bundles. The LinkLive Messaging bundle gives consumers the ability to securely communicate with their bank from anywhere at any time. On the other hand, the LinkLive Engagement bundle allows knowledgeable support teams to communicate with customers at any point along their customer journey. The teams can engage customers across channels through video collaboration or other modes. LinkLive Advanced is yet another bundle that delivers the full suite of LinkLive functionality while additionally transforming clients’ digital and physical channels to deliver secure and enhanced CX.
LinkLive Advanced is apt for small financial institutions with limited capability to manage multiple solution vendors and providers. So, the users of the solution can simplify task management and dedicate more time to addressing customer needs.

Further, to help banks’ customers switch from self-service to expert-based support during their interactions, Revation has introduced Reva, a chatbot enabled with artificial intelligence (AI). Reva not only streamlines and automates customer communications—both internally (between teams) and externally (with customers)—but also improves the overall CX. “Our chatbot answers the common queries of the customers. In case of a complex query, Reva directs the request to the right agent so banks experience fewer calls while still providing 24/7 customer service. It’s a great example of putting your team members in the middle of a digital relationship,” says Patrick Reetz, SVP of Products and Markets at Revation.

In a use case, a financial institution that did not have a 24/7 contact center approached Revation for the right solution. Revation offered its chatbot which not only answered common questions but also learned and grew smarter from the conversations along the way. The chatbot passed customer requests to the agent in case of complex queries. This helped the client drive CX while keeping cost in check.

Although Revation’s solutions can be easily integrated into a bank’s online and mobile banking apps, the company takes a collaborative approach to client engagement. Revation thoroughly understands clients’ needs and then delivers the right solution. The HITRUST CSF certified company undergoes a rigorous evaluation process that provides a comprehensive approach to regulatory compliance and risk management, normalizing over 20 of the most common security and privacy standards, including PCI, ISO2700, HIPAA, NIST and COBIT.

Moving forward, Revation aims to modernize the way users communicate using its solutions through new, innovative enhancements. The next stop for the company is FedRAMP certification.