Dr. Karl Bicker, Principal, ritzenhoefer & companyDr. Karl Bicker, Principal
“The reason why it is difficult for companies to capitalize on disruptive innovations is that the processes and the business model that make them good at existing business actually make them bad at competing for the disruption,” said Clayton M. Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma.

Implementing and managing robust digital infrastructures can significantly impact an organization’s workflow and, as a result, the output. That said, incorporating new technologies should only be considered if they align with the company’s business goals and provide measurable performance benefits.

That brings us to the question of adoption of AI-enabled digital technologies in today’s world where digital transformation projects have their own identity and are on top of every business’s organizational agenda.

This is where ritzenhoefer & company can be of valuable assistance.

A leading management consulting firm operating at the crossroads of business, organization, and IT, ritzenhoefer & company assists clients in their transformational journey by developing AI strategies through actionable use cases and supporting comprehensive transformations across all industries.
  • We bring extensive experience to the table and work with each client, combining our experience with their specific requirements to create a robust working model. The IT infrastructures that we build enable easy employment of AI solutions

“The core of what we do is transformation, emphasizing digital transformation from a management and strategic point of view,” says Dr. Karl Bicker, principal of ritzenhoefer & company.

ritzenhoefer & company designs and develops effective AI strategies and tailor-made digital transformation projects for clients to drive fundamental change, gain access to new markets, and establish innovative business models. Driving its passion for transformation management across all departments, it assists clients in modifying entire organizational structures, and replacing core IT systems to ensure stable, low-risk, and efficient operations.

From transforming business processes for financial services and banking, ritzenhoefer & company has branched out to provide consulting services, ranging from AI to simplification for the insurance, banking, retail, and media industries. Yet, it upholds its start-up philosophy—maintaining flat hierarchies; adhering to its guiding principle of leading from any chair— and delivers first-rate strategy consulting with a dash of high-spirited customer experience.

A Proven AI Strategy Execution

ritzenhoefer & company develops and evaluates AI use cases across the client’s organization to discover the departments in which digitization efforts are necessary. Once the repository of use cases is created, it assists clients in implementing them by combining its expertise in optimizing business strategies with a technical understanding of AI. It then brings their employees up to speed with the required skills and helps build IT infrastructures.

“We bring extensive experience to the table and work with each client, combining our experience with their specific requirements to create a robust working model. The IT infrastructures that we build enable easy employment of AI solutions,” says Bicker.

Demonstrating ritzenhoefer & company’s expertise is its collaboration with a global German insurance company requiring an efficient AI strategy to stand out from the competition and gain regional market share.
Thorough evaluations of their architecture and business processes, ritzenhoefer & company determined that although they were equipped with sophisticated data labs, they lacked the technical and organizational capability to drive the proof of concept into production.

To transform operations and create comprehensive proofs of concept, it spent the first six months interviewing more than 50 people, including their stakeholders, employees, and individuals in the insurance business. Through these interviews, 160 AI use cases were discovered for the company to assess the feasibility of investments, their cost, and how much they would return in the first assessment.

Leveraging data from the interviews and the assessment, ritzenhoefer & company suggested solutions with high impact, feasibility, and low investment, in addition to conducting ideation sessions for executives and employees. Using the existing data science structures, two use cases were implemented in the organization, enabling the client to create and expand existing data labs, streamline operations and add value to the organization’s overall output.

The core of what we do is transformation, emphasizing digital transformation from a management and strategic point of view

In the second phase of the partnership, ritzenhoefer & company modified the client’s organizational structure to streamline workflows and create a culture of innovation and collaboration. Through meticulous research and transparent communication with the insurance company’s employees, it reconstructed the IT departments to increase collaboration with the rest of the organization to orchestrate the use case for greater impact. Reshaping the technical and organizational processes, ritzenhoefer & company ensured the smooth functioning of IT department and the overall business to implement robust IT infrastructure and AI solutions.

Tailor-Made Approach

An expert in assessing and managing the risks and uncertainties of evolving market trends, ritzenhoefer & company understands that the needs of each client are unique and develops innovation and transformation strategies from the ground up. Its highly experienced team is agile in its approach toward each project, providing clients with the desired flexibility while dealing with roadblocks in their transformational journey.

ritzenhoefer & company’s strategies support clients to efficiently navigate fluctuations in concerning market trends by helping them adopt the appropriate technological innovations in AI and ML to improve business operations. It creates an environment of trust and establishes procedures for the client’s business strategists and IT teams to collaborate closely and navigate changes throughout their transformational journeys. The breaking down of silos between departments strikes a balance between their conflicting requirements to execute management priorities and create an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation.

“Innovation is the product of creativity, experimentation, courage, and freedom. But the idea is only the first step in the process,” says Bicker.

Hosting ideation workshops for clients, ritzenhoefer & company assists clients in unleashing and channeling their innovation to support necessary organizational changes. Their team is in constant contact, keeping the clients in the loop during the entire process and providing actionable insights and reviews for reliable progress monitoring. Due to its extensive experience in dealing with transformational projects, it employs moderation and problem-solving methods to ensure the content is transparent, avoiding stumbling blocks in the future.

Instead of following a defined set of rules or regulations for digital transformation or organizational and infrastructure changes, the firm creates tailor-made strategies for each client. Through constant contact and collaboration, the company guides clients through the implementation process. Carrying extensive experience in verticals like insurance, banking, energy, media, logistics, retail, private equity, and real estate, ritzenhoefer & company continues to lead clients into a future where AI utilization consistently adds value to their operations.