Brig Burton, President, RocklineEquityBrig Burton, President
Rockline Equity, a private equity firm headquartered in Arizona, offers investors a diverse portfolio of privately held small and mid-sized establishments for investment. It provides value-added expertise and consulting services for companies and their owners looking to exit. It focuses on organizations which are typically too big for individual buyers but too small for most private equity groups.

Rockline Equity selects promising businesses which generate revenue of less than 20 million and have an EBITDA value under 2 million for controlling interest. Unlike most private equity groups with an interest in specific sectors or industries, Rockline Equity is industry-agnostic and can thus purchase businesses from a wide variety of industries. So far, it has purchased businesses from the following industries: manufacturing, construction, distribution, agriculture, publishing, real estate, property management, legal claims financing, healthcare, and medical marijuana facilities. Rockline Equity is diversified in terms of where it and its clientele of investors will invest money. Rather than gutting companies as most private equity firms do, it strives to preserve the legacy, brand, and team already in place.

The clientele of Rockline Equity is composed of both investors and sellers of businesses. It has to make sure the investors are gaining a good return on their investments from its ventures. For individual sellers from whom it purchases businesses, Rockline Equity offers an easier way to exit their business without unnecessarily losing the brand, value, and money. Brig Burton, a licensed real estate and business broker and CEO of Rockline Equity, helps such business owners prepare for the sale or merger of their company.

When running or taking over an organization, tough decisions have to be made. While it strives to preserve the legacy and existing team as much as possible, sometimes certain people have to be let go while reworking existing strategies of the business.
Rockline Equity strives to maintain good relationships with its investor clients, managing partners, prospective sellers and or past sellers, and works on their time schedule. It has encountered sellers who have been in contact with the firm for more than five years and yet, are not ready to sell their company but who routinely check in to gauge if they’re on track to getting the best valuation and ultimate sales price when they’re finally ready to sell. Rockline Equity offers these free consultative services to sellers who are not quite ready to sell, to coach and show them how and where they can improve their business operations to increase the organizational value.
  • Ideally, Rockline purchases established businesses that have been properly prepared for sale, but that’s the ideal, and in the real world, things come up

The consultations that lead to improvement help Rockline Equity as well. It makes Rockline’s job easier to buy the business when the sellers have made the necessary preparations to prepare their businesses for sale.

“Ideally, Rockline purchases established businesses that have been properly prepared for sale, but that’s the ideal, and in the real world, things come up,” says Burton.

For example, a death in the family or an accident involving an owner may require Rockline to step into a distressed business situation with little time for formalities. “We’ve purchased several businesses that were in a distressed state for one reason or another,” says Burton. Through this approach, it receives emails regularly from business owners expressing interest in selling their companies and inquiring how each decision would impact the valuation of their company. As a buyer and potential future owner of these businesses, Burton and his team give feedback about the owners’ ideas and suggests ways to make the business more interesting for future buyers and investors. The service gives Rockline an opportunity to help educate individual owners on their various options, what they can realistically expect given today’s markets and prices, and how best to plan for the future.

Aligning with its core values of character communications, and courage helps Rockline Equity stay ahead of the competition and retain its clientele.