Naoto Hall, Managing Directors of Salt Creek Partners, Salt Creek PartnersNaoto Hall, Managing Directors of Salt Creek Partners
Startups and larger firms tend to get all the headlines, but the true potential of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) lies in the true middle market. With M&A advisories conventionally gravitating toward very large companies, there is little focus on the lower and middle markets.

Salt Creek Partners (SCP), a full service M&A advisory firm, offers strategic direction for business leaders in the underserved lower and middle markets, empowering them to close the perfect deals. The firm brings significant experience to the deal table, enabling clients to avoid unexpected challenges that could hinder the sale of privately held businesses and often helps create tremendous value for the shareholders.

The company walks its clients through everything from business valuation and consulting services to sell-side advisory, buy-side advisory, and build-to-exit strategies. SCP’s buy-side advisory makes the transition smoother for buyers by assisting them in acquiring businesses that match each client’s custom acquisition criteria. Strategic acquirers, private equity groups, and family offices utilize SCP’s deep transaction, industry, and valuation experience to validate their investment theses, identify and approach targets, negotiate transactions, close the deals, and integrate the business.

For sellers, SCP provides a breadth of sell-side advisory services designed to achieve a business owner’s custom-tailored transaction objectives. The firm enables clients to seamlessly execute mergers or sales to achieve their goals. From goal planning and business evaluation to buyer search and transaction negotiation, SCP paves the way for seamless closing and funding. With its network of relationships and industrial expertise, SCP helps clients reach a high growth trajectory by repositioning their businesses in a way that’s most appealing to potential buyers.
“What makes us stand out from the competition is the way we drive innovation and adaptability in the M&A process,” says Naoto Hall, managing director of Salt Creek Partners. SCP understands that M&A deals are a turning point in a company’s lifecycle and proactively guides clients’ successful exits by strengthening their company’s positioning and ensuring their continued success.

SCP’s leadership team encompasses individuals that come from diverse backgrounds, like private equity and management consulting firms. This gives them a competitive advantage as they gain diverse perspectives that serve clients better and meet their exact M&A needs. SCP’s team has consistently proven that they can meet or exceed client expectations by seamlessly managing complex financial transactions, investment banking services, and extensive market research and analysis. This can be demonstrated by the numerous client stories that showcase their expertise in guiding clients to exceptional results in the M&A process.
  • What makes us stand out from the competition is the way we drive innovation and adaptability in the M&A process

One success story involves a client that had a few unfavorable accounting adjustments in their company’s books.

The client knew that their company was destined for rapid growth in the near future. However, the prospective buyer found it difficult to picture this and couldn’t see how the company could get to that stage, given the study they had done. Following a thorough analysis of the business and its sector, SCP’s advisors suggested that they wait for six months, during which time it cleaned up the accounting and made sure that the company’s growth was sustainable enough to demonstrate its true potential to the buyers. In just six months, the company’s value doubled, and SCP was able to find the ideal buyer who recognized the potential of their client’s company.

Today, Salt Creek Partners is growing at a dramatic rate. To sustain this growth, it is bringing in new talent and offering internship programs, which are developed in-house with the intention of building the next generation of investment bankers.

With its deep domain expertise and talent pool, Salt Creek Partners is set to establish itself as a premium service provider and a go-to partner in the expanding middle markets