Steven Sayegh, President, Sayegh Wealth ManagementSteven Sayegh, President
Watching their wealth grow is a dream for many. But the fear of losing their hard-earned money to risky investments holds people back from taking the right risk to grow their wealth. Largely unaware of the ideal risk-toreward ratio in investing, they struggle to build a strong investment portfolio that meets their financial goals.

Striking the right balance between risk and rewards in financial investments is Sayegh Wealth Management. The firm transforms investors’ outlook toward wealth creation through tailored financial management plans that position their investments to offer upside potential of the market with limited or minimal risk.

Founder and president Steven Sayegh brings more than two decades of experience in wealth advising—having worked for some of the largest and well-known brokerage and independent firms in the country—to address the entirety of a client’s financial management needs. What sets him apart is his way of familiarizing clients with the market and explaining the varied investment products in an easy-to-understand manner, helping them gain clarity on their financial prospects.

“We help clients through all types of financial situations by formulating plans to get them on the right investment track and build their financial future,” says Sayegh.

An independent financial advisor, Sayegh assists clients regardless of their financial position. He has a diverse client base of high net worth individuals, business owners and highly-paid professionals, older people seeking a comfortable retirement or intergenerational wealth transfer, and younger individuals starting out on their financial journey. Whether it is people looking to fund their children’s education, ensure a steady income, or safeguard themselves against rainy days, Sayegh’s solutions cover all financial goals.

Employing a protection-first, growth-later approach, Sayegh develops customized investment plans for clients suited to their current financial status, risk appetites, and wealth goals. He thoroughly assesses clients’ accumulated capital and presents optimal investment products that combine downside protection with potential gains.
Clients are secure in the knowledge that their investments may have protection from market bear runs, simultaneously able to reap the benefits of bullish markets.

For clients seeking estate planning, Sayegh collaborates with a network of estate planning attorneys and accountants to formulate strategies to legally protect their wealth through various trusts. He utilizes policies and accounts with guaranteed tax-free death benefit protection to help clients secure their wealth and pass it on to their heirs in the most tax-efficient way possible. Sayegh also employs different insurance strategies to ensure the money is available for the client’s use should they need it or change their mind about inheritances in the future.

High net worth individuals can easily manage their vast wealth in tax-efficient ways, courtesy of Sayegh’s next-level wealth management strategies. He invests their money in tax-free or tax advantage products and accounts that provide protected streams of income. This ensures they avoid large tax bills and simultaneously create a stable income source during their retirement years, which is especially advantageous for high-salaried professionals.
  • We help clients through all types of financial situations by formulating plans to get them on the right investment track and build their financial future

Sayegh’s financial advice takes into account the current and future rates of inf lation. This is ref lected in his diversified strategy of investing portions of clients’ money into different investment products that can generate guaranteed income and leverage market bull runs to offer high growth potential, which can supplement as additional income. Keeping the worst-case-scenario in mind, Sayegh’s strategies also ensure clients’ growth and risk-based investments are liquid enough to be used in unforeseen emergencies without affecting their income-producing investments.

The effectiveness of these strategies was felt firsthand by a couple who was referred to Sayegh. They had accumulated a sizeable fund for retirement, only to discover it was at greater risk of loss than they had thought. Sayegh devised an investment strategy for them through which portions of the fund were invested in accounts that provided multiple guaranteed income streams with limited risk, while the rest was invested in the market to generate growth.

With such robust strategies, Sayegh Wealth Management has grown by leaps and bounds over the years through generous client referrals and continues to do so, creating financially secure futures for people across various walks of life.