Phil Lynch, founding partner and COO, SLKonePhil Lynch, founding partner and COO
SLKone is a bespoke management consulting firm bridging the gap between strategy, leadership, and knowledge to generate value for clients. The company realizes that for M&A transactions, the process of integration can be daunting as many processes and systems need to be rightly analyzed and modified to ensure success. SLKone, to this end, has built a team of consultants and subject matter experts who hold extensive knowledge in numerous industries and intricacies of business operations. They identify the extent of integration needed for an M&A project and go the extra mile offering sound project and organizational management support.

“We believe that data is the bedrock for a successful integration process. It reveals the crucial details of the organizations and its people to create enterprise value. Consequently, as opposed to forcing a one-size-fits-all type of approach, we take a look at the best demonstrated practices to ensure optimum outcomes for clients,” says Phil Lynch, founding partner and COO, SLKone.

SLKone’s creative integration approach helps clients meet their targets ahead of the traditional process with prior operational and integration-focused discussions. The company works with clients’ legal teams and other financial advisors and leverages strategic planning to facilitate the diligence process. Most important, SLKone enhances performance by leveraging analytical insights and ensures interim management, when needed.

Depending on the client’s needs, SLKone identifies the right subject matter expert if they lack expertise in certain areas. It navigates the transformational event to help organizations and their partners implement solutions.
This process-centric view enables the organization to identify opportunities for improvement and drive integrations. SLKone’s service offerings also include process and performance improvement. Its organizational design changes the process of job modification and management layers.

The robust capabilities of SLKone can be best exemplified through the success story of an organization in the early stages of identifying a new target. SLKone assisted the company to structure the transaction to ensure the valuation and protect the downside risks in the operations of the business. By utilizing its vast M&A experience, SLKone was able to advise the client’s team on potential opportunities. The incentivized management team played a vital role in executing the transaction to minimize the potential for any backsliding post transaction.
  • We believe that data is the bedrock for a successful integration process. It reveals the crucial details of the organizations and its people to create enterprise value

In the past year, SLKone has assisted numerous clients and helped them with integrated approaches and project plans, and continues to assist with analyzing new transactions on an ongoing basis. For example, the aforementioned company combined a seller company with an entrepreneurial organization in the middle-market space at a time when it was earning less than 100 million in revenue. The organization is now approaching 500 million in revenue through organic and inorganic means. SLKone enabled them to craft their integration and acquisition strategies in identifying targets. The CEO, in fact, appreciated SLKone for assisting them in developing a systematic process approach.

SLKone focuses on executing both the strategic and tactical components of a transaction and acquisition, helping the organizations work together to achieve results. Its focus is on driving outcomes for clients by aligning incentives for the organization, leveraging highly trained and effective team members.