Roland Boppart, Managing Partner, SoranusRoland Boppart, Managing Partner
The epicentre of a successful business lies in its customer services. No matter how strong a company’s digitalisation drive is or how efficient their software and tools are, if the company’s customers are not happy, they will switch to another provider in a heartbeat. Therefore, consumer experience (CX) is now playing a key role in any digitalisation endeavour.

This phenomenon of CX-oriented digitalisation is increasingly leaving its mark in the banking sector as well. One of the recent drivers behind it has been undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic. Owing to the global lockdowns and restricted movements, many financial institutions started introducing virtual services and encouraging customers to manage their banking needs from home. And as consumers started getting more comfortable with these digitalised banking services, banks are now realising that just being digitally developed is not enough to ensure their success. Instead, their services need to be more customer-centric; only then can they sow the seed of success and reap the benefits in the post-pandemic world. Standing at the helm of helping banks adopt such CX-oriented digitalisation strategies and meet customer expectations is Soranus AG—a boutique consulting firm.

“Staying true to our company slogan—‘Banking Delivered,’ Soranus is simplifying and streamlining its clients’ banking operations,” opines Roland Boppart, managing partner at Soranus. With Soranus as a digital partner, many financial institutions are now infusing a personalised touch into their digital channels and forging a strong customer connection.

To this end, Soranus is working strategically with different technology partners and ensuring the best digital banking solutions for the end-users. Soranus’ team of experienced consultants is further contextualising these solutions by gauging the clients’ needs and developing pragmatic digitalisation strategies, formulating compliant banking processes, and conducting market analyses for clients to select a CX-driven banking solution. “Our consultants have a broad and deep understanding of the banking sector, digital banking technologies, and customer experience,” remarks Boppart. This combination of Soranus’ cost-efficient end-to-end service capabilities and consultant’s domain knowledge is what provides convenience and efficiency to Soranus’ clients in achieving their desired digitalisation feat.

It is also important to note that Soranus keeps all its employees up-to-date with recent banking technolog

With Soranus as a digital partner, many financial institutions are now infusing a personalised touch into their digital channels and forging a strong customer connection

and industry trends to be able to help clients at every step of their digitalisation journey. Notably, Soranus has an in-house academy for the purpose, offering highly-specialised training and certification for specific business areas that support the lifelong learning of its employees.

Because of such remarkable services and expert advisory, Soranus is well regarded by several financial institutions for the implementation of CX-driven digital banking solutions. To further illustrate Soranus’ capabilities, Boppart shares a success story where a client required a digital retirement provision solution. After conducting comprehensive research of various digital software solutions, Soranus’ expert team chalked out a step-by-step plan to digitalise the banks’ dated processes that aimed at reducing the overall cost and improving the end customers’ banking journey. Soranus created multiple proofs of concepts (POC) to help the bank in vendor selection and also in the solution implementation as per the bank’s roadmap for the next five years. Once a suitable vendor was selected, Soranus collaborated with both the banking client and the technology vendor to successfully implement the new solution. Once the solution was up and running, the bank’s customers were able to self-analyse and optimise their financial future faster, and with fewer clicks.

This is but one of the instances. With many such success stories under its hood, Soranus is steadfastly transforming the banks’ archaic workflows and helping them provide remarkable online banking experiences to their users. “We believe that the time for CX-dominated digitalisation is now, and Soranus is at the forefront of helping banking institutions follow this ambitious and sustainable growth path,” avers Boppart. In that pursuit, Soranus is also all set to expand into new domains—the assurance services industry—all the while grow its expert team in the next couple of years.