Lyron Wahrmann, Head of Digitization, SurecompLyron Wahrmann, Head of Digitization
The only way to remain relevant in the financial trading market is to do everything right and keep up with the ever-changing trends of the landscape,” begins Lyron Wahrmann, Head of Digitization at Surecomp, while referring to vital prerequisites for digitalization within the trading industry. Banks continue to embrace digitization in their efforts of serving customers with agile and efficient financial applications. At times, however, professionals and management belonging to banking and corporate entities find it hard to understand the complexity and sophistication of these computational solution sets. Addressing this pain point and treading toward the much-needed digitalization of the trading industry, Surecomp, a FinTech solution provider, is making all the difference by soliciting a trade finance platform that can accommodate the quick updating cycles of the financial services market. Besides banks, the company also provides its technology to the corporate sector and is turning its focus to cater to small and mid-sized enterprises. Surecomp has built products that can empower banks and corporate firms to enhance front and back-end trade finance operations as well as overhaul supply chain to deliver comprehensive user experiences to consumers.

Having amassed over three decades of experience in the Fintech arena, Surecomp provides its clients with a platform that makes it easier for firms to share their financial data securely. In addition, it leverages APIs that fosters easy connectivity between the various operating systems that run within financial institutions, all the while encouraging business automation initiatives. “There is a significant emphasis on the trade finance space to digitize operational processes, remove paper, and reduce processing time,” explains Wahrmann. “All of these changes ref lect on the materialization of our relationship with our clients and are manifested in the way we do business today compared to the past.” Besides, empowering clients to digitally transform their business, Surecomp also enables them to maintain compliance with standard regulations by consistently performing efficiency tests.

As trade finance protocols vary on a regional basis, every Surecomp solution—be it APISURE or SURECONNECT or SURECOMPSTORE—is delivered and launched in accordance with the laws and regulations of that geographical location in which it is to be deployed or utilized.

There is a significant emphasis on the trade finance space to digitize operational processes, remove paper, and reduce processing time

From a back-office perspective, Surecomp equips operational systems with open APIs to nurture easy integration and modularity. On the front-end side, the company’s solution set is used by thousands of corporate firms while managing trade finances and building engaging relationships with customers. With digital applications and multi-banking solutions, even small and mid-sized organizations are slowly opening their doors to the technology that can bring these computational marvels to its work floors. “As security and compliance form the crucial elements of any financial services company, we are partnering with a leading supply chain finance organization to provide a joint platform offering that will assure that all deliveries are running in line with existing protocols,” adds Wahrmann.

Surecomp’s in-house reports have returned a positive outcome both for the company and its clients. Financial institutions deploying the f intech solution provider’s front-end solution has recorded an immediate increase in productivity and achievement of milestones. Surecomp empowers these institutions to improve customer experiences, lower form processing times, and so on. Going forward, Surecomp plans to strengthen its APIs to control and interact with its back-office systems. As digital technology continues to make steady inroads into the banking world, Surecomp seizes the opportunities and provides cost-effective, cloud-based SaaS solutions that are easily deployable at all organizations irrespective of its size.