Jiwei Wu Founder, SymbolorJiwei Wu Founder
Stock trading is volatile, complex, and uncertain. However, tapping into the intrinsic knowledge of stock movements with insights into buying and selling signals can be one of the most profitable investment vehicles. A major challenge investors face is a lack of reliable simple tools to assist them in developing profitable trading strategies.

Operating in the finance industry for over 30 years, Symbolor meets this need with its easy-to-use, powerful stock analysis and automatic portfolio-allocation platform. Using conventional and modern technical analysis methods, it provides automated client portfolio allocations based on leading technical indicators, daily scan results with competing robot participations, and backtesting results that allow investors to make profitable trades in the market.

“The overall goal with our systematic approach is to provide retail investors with superior investment and trading experience, which will help them meet their financial dream,” states Jiwei Wu, founder of Symbolor LLC.

When financial markets change ‘lanes,’ usually it’s turmoil. Symbolor simply adds an ‘autopilot’ feature to clients’ portfolio to keep instrument vehicle moving, in the lane, without crashing their investment.

Symbolor uses its AI-based trading strategy generators to help investors place stock orders strategically with minimizing the risk of losing money. The platform allows them to make investment decisions driven by scientific and objective strategies.

The platform has over 10,000 bots testing the latest and best strategies to find the optimal allocation solutions for an investor. Using the data generated from bots, its tools give an excellent analysis of most stocks. Since the bots simulate user interactions, it can be a bonus for investors to get automated feedback on the platform’s user interface and educate users on how they can use the platform to unlock its optimal potential.
The platform allows investors to backtest AI-generated strategies. Backtesting is one of the most useful tools in a stock trader’s arsenal as it can help make quick and objective decisions on stock trading without manually investing. If it works properly, traders and analysts can rest assured and employ the strategy.

Equally impressive is its unique symbol discovery technology that dynamically finds new symbols, patterns, and trends in the stock market. Symbolor supports over 6,000 symbols that are good for investments. The team analyses historical symbol characteristic behaviors per individual symbols, index funds, and options. The platform displays a shortterm projection of repeating patterns with this data. Even though the stock market is largely unpredictable, it can find patterns and good investment opportunities with the necessary data.

The platform also keeps its users well-informed with various content, from the exchange-traded fund (ETF) to the latest news reports. For retail investors, Symbolor is a single source of truth to gain information about a company’s earnings report, an announcement of a new product, a corporate acquisition, and other positive economic indicators. This helps them decide where to make a profitable investment.

The overall goal with our systematic approach is to provide retail investors with superior investment and trading experience, which will help them meet their financial dream

Retail investors can also carry out advanced options trading with Symbolor. For new investors, options trading may appear more complicated than traditional asset classes like stocks, shares, bonds, and mutual funds. Symbolor’s powerful platform is automating building option trading strategies. It can save hours of homework in discovering the divergence of put/call attributes.

Recently, it helped a registered investor strengthen his portfolio. The client had medium proficiency in finance, no technical knowledge, and basic ideas about automated derivative allocation. The client was successful with some of his investments. Following Symbolor’s suggestions and guidance, he made wise investment decisions that incurred 35 percent returns.

With such robust and useful features, Symbolor is poised to revolutionize the trading world. Offering a powerful interface and stock analysis tools, Symbolor intends to be every investor’s single pane of glass in the stock trading world.