Hicham Benyahya, Co-founder & Associate Director, SypexHicham Benyahya, Co-founder & Associate Director
Founded in 2017, SYPEX specializes in consulting, development, integration, and support of financial software packages. The company’s services are intended for capital markets, including sell-side and treasury, Asset management, UCITS funds, REIM management, wealth Management, stock exchange brokers, custodians and asset servicers, insurance investments, pension funds, account units and a digital portal.

“SYPEX’s vision is to bring innovative solutions to the capital market industry at a lower cost. The company supports the entire investment value chain and a wide range of financial instruments,” says Mr. Hicham Benyahya, the Co-founder and Associate Director of SYPEX.

SYPEX system is a software suite, integrated front to back and modular, which is composed of core and business modules relating to capital market activities. These main features are order management, multi-currency instruments, simulation, What-if analysis, risk, performance, corporate action, compliance, middle, and back-office functions.

The human-machine interface of the SYPEX system is heuristically designed to make the user experience pleasant.
The ergonomics of the system are based on the principles such as intuitive navigation and choice of favorite screens, smart query and access to functionalities by a simple code, customizable windows with a simple drag and drop, and interactive graphics with dynamic effects.

“In a complex world, we work closely with our customers to stay ahead of future industry developments,” says Benyahya. “Our highly qualified team is our most important asset in guaranteeing the success of our projects and maintaining integration deadlines.”

With more than 60 years of cumulative experience, SYPEX team is made up of ten highly qualified engineers with transversal and complementary skills in R&D, design, integration, and support. Utilizing its technical and functional skills, the team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of projects and supports users at the various stages of system operation.

Sypex’s support service channel includes a web portal which is a ticket management system. Users declare their incidents or requests for improvements directly on this site. The incident is handled in real-time by a consultant and guaranteed to be followed up until it is closed. The support channel also includes a hotline number, which is available to report an incident. In addition, a customer can authorize the company’s teams to intervene remotely in order to resolve an urgent incident or take control of the production platform.

SYPEX contributes to financial inclusion by guaranteeing accessibility to capital markets for all

SYPEX deployed its platform for multi-entity banks and insurances. This integrated deployment allowed a considerable reduction in the processing time of orders collected at the level of “Digital portal entity” and executed at the level of ‘management entity” and its partners.

“SYPEX contributes to financial inclusion by guaranteeing accessibility to capital markets for all,” states Mr. Benyahya. “Our platform allows access to financial products in a simple and secure way while optimizing the customer journey via a multi-service digital portal.