Eyal Elhayany, CEO, TaryfintechEyal Elhayany, CEO
Since the invention of the abacus, to make financial calculations easier, to the mammoth supercomputers that are used today, finance and technology have always moved forward hand-in-hand to simplify complex financial models. The monumental fintech industry rose out of the merger between finance and technology, and now the majority of financial activity is carried out on mobile phones, enabling more people to have access to financial services. Financial institutions, to remain competitive in the ever-changing world, have to incorporate the recent technologies to lay out the foundation for their stable future. In this regard, Finnovate offers turnkey financial solutions by leveraging data to empower growth and add brand new revenue streams. The company is part of the Tarya Holding Group, an International Israeli-based company operating the largest alternative investment (P2P) platform in Israel.

Finnovate provides various solutions ranging from retail, core and mobile banking to P2P solutions. They provide customized solutions for retailers, telcos, insurance companies, car dealers as well as E-commerce companies. The independent Mobile banking solution is at the center of their offerings, focusing on the unbanked population. Mobile banking is particularly aimed at businesses in developing countries that are ready to offer credit and saving services to customers who largely operate on mobile phones.
Businesses can leverage this solution to provide financial solutions directly to their customers without geographic barriers. The firm’s core banking solutions are specifically architected to address the key challenges facing financial institutions in the current market. This solution is directed towards institutions looking to differentiate and improve their existing banking services. Finnovate’s unique offering leverages the developing trend of using fintech solutions for day to day financial activities to help traditional institutions create more value for their customers.

The firm also specializes in providing P2P solutions where the profits on loans are given back to the lenders while also providing credit solutions to borrowers in real-time. Finnovate provides this solution on an independent platform that offers individuals and small businesses investment and credit solutions. The dedicated P2P platform can help organizations to diversify their portfolios by investing in secured loans that are backed by collateral and are issued to borrowers with a high payment rate.
  • Taryfintech leverages its clients’ unique assets to enable them to provide financial services directly to their customers

Finnovate leverages its clients’ unique assets to enable them to provide financial services directly to their customers. The firm eliminates middlemen, banks and credit card companies by giving businesses the ability to create a whole new revenue channel directly with their customers. The Financial Platform as a Service F-PaaS enables businesses to deliver end-to-end financial services that were previously outsourced. The firm’s super fast and easy to integrate F-PaaS is a next-generation all-in-one, fully modular and scalable finance platform. The platform has been built from the ground up to assist clients in providing customers with custom made digital financial solutions without deviating from the core business. With a vision of enabling enterprises to add new revenue channels and increase customer retention through next-gen financial services, Finnovate is transforming the fintech market. The firm consists of a well-experienced team of data experts, tech specialists and regulation professionals.