Brandon Buteaux,  Founder and Managing Director, The Baker GroupBrandon Buteaux, Founder and Managing Director
“It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up.”

These words by Vince Lombardi embody the importance of the ‘never give up’ attitude in accomplishing great things in life. Throughout the evolution of businesses, many individuals have mimicked its essence, refused to give up, and defied grim odds.

A person who has aptly demonstrated this can-do mentality in the face of adversity is Brandon Buteaux.

Tapping into his financial acumen, Buteaux founded The Baker Group to help businesses navigate financial challenges, improve cash f low, and recover outstanding debt.

Over a decade ago, Buteaux ran a rapidly growing and well-known commercial concrete contracting company in San Antonio. It was at its zenith when the primary contractors on its multi-million-dollar projects resolved to either slow pay or not pay as they faced contract disputes and financial troubles.

Raised in a corporate legal environment, Buteaux quickly identified ways to secure the millions of dollars his company was owed. However, moving forward with the plan meant he strained business relationships and walked away from substantial contracts.

Keeping his employees, subcontractors, and suppliers’ financial well-being in mind, Buteaux ensured they were paid up, pulled out of numerous large projects, and shut his company down. At this juncture, Buteaux determined to help businesses secure their receivables and avoid the pitfalls of cash flow issues and sowed the seeds of The Baker Group.

Fast forward to today, Baker Group, a boutique debt collection company specializing in B2B commercial debt collection receivable services, helps businesses secure payments for the services or products already provided. Its network of over 650 contracted contingency attorneys, a large team of in-house auditors, CPAs, and private investigators help achieve this goal.

Baker Group employs numerous methods and hundreds of tools to collect outstanding receivables, continues to ascertain remarkable debt recovery rates in the industry, and has helped over 7000 clients navigate dynamic financial challenges.

A Reliable and Trusted Partner

As inflation triggered a faltering financial narrative, credit constrictions, stringent lending rates, and payment freezes, Baker Group has risen to the occasion and made debt collection easier.

Its proprietary system, BakerTrac™, provides an immediate injection of cash flows and allows businesses to lower current DSO.

BakerTrac™–a business development and project management tool–lets clients set up a customized bad debt recovery system that best aligns with their current business processes and goals. The platform enables businesses to track and secure their finances throughout a project until the balance is paid and addresses the challenges when clients default on loans, credit extensions, labor, or material.

Bringing in the due cash to clients, Baker Group enables them to focus on mission-critical operations and steer clear of the complexities of debt collection.
For recognizing the cause of delinquency in accounts, risk profiling, and, ultimately, collecting debt, information and data are pivotal. Baker’s extensive asset and liability database provide clients with all the necessary information to determine if their clients have “intent to pay, but no means” or “the means to pay, but no intent.”

Baker’s clients can use reports to check frauds and ongoing litigations and determine if a company has liabilities or outstanding liens. Clients can also check ongoing projects and non-payments of previous undertakings. For businesses in the construction industry, Baker offers mechanic’s lien filing services, where it secures their receivables by filing liens and executes standard commercial collection processes. Baker helps its clients secure payment for unpaid labor, materials, equipment, and more.

In situations where debt cannot be collected, or the debtor has assets and claims can be litigated, Baker uses its vast network of attorneys and manages the outsourced case(s) to a specialized law firm in that jurisdiction.

“We use our network of attorneys for all major states our clients are working in and oversee their entire caseload,” adds Buteaux.

Our relationships with clients go beyond transactional levels. We offer a personal touch, and that’s how we like to keep it

Baker’s dedicated department of case management and coordination ensures that cases are appropriately handled and quickly resolved and clients are promptly updated with the status of their claims.

Augmenting the impact of these industry-leading services is Baker’s customer-centric onboarding and servicing approach that ensures every client–irrespective of their size, business model, or revenue–receives the same respect, care, and attentiveness.

An Archetype of Customer-centricity

Once clients onboard with Baker Group, they are assigned a dedicated ‘Account Coordinator’ who oversees their accounts. The account coordinator then discusses with the client to understand their requirements and the services they need to employ. Since different industries have disparate idiosyncrasies, the experts tailor BakerTrac™ and auxiliary services in accordance with a client’s specific business models, workflows, needs, and objectives.

“We address each client’s receivable account with tailor-made services and set them up with a workflow that works best for their portfolios,” says Buteaux.

For clients with high-profile customers, Baker Group can employ less aggressive tactics that improve their financial stature and secure payment while ensuring their relationship with the debtor remains unaffected. In case of urgencies of backlog accounts, Baker’s team immediately handles debt portfolios. They update the accounts in BakerTrac™ while back-end collectors, PI, and attorneys commence their investigations. The team then follows up with the client for future accounts and keeps them updated on their debt recovery process. To ensure a comfortable customer experience throughout this process, communicating with clients across multiple channels is critical.

Baker’s multichannel approach uses multiple automated channels, including emails, SMS, calls, MMS, and video conferencing, and provides clients the leeway to contact their ‘Account Coordinator’ whenever and wherever they want. This practice increases customer response rates and minimizes the time spent on collection routines.
It operates on a contingency-based model to reduce the stress on the client’s finances.

Businesses pay the collecting agency only if the debt is collected. Baker does not charge any hourly fee collection accounts, promoting a win-win situation where both parties profit only when the debt is recovered.

By virtue of this professional and tasteful handling of debt collection, Baker Group has substantially expanded its clientele over the past few years by means of referrals from existing clients.

Leveraging the partnership referral program, businesses can refer other companies to Baker, broaden their network, and get paid perpetually for as long as the referral remains a client. In doing so, businesses add another source of revenue and help other companies recover the capital they are owed. Baker Group also takes the debtors on board under the pretense that they pay its clients first.

Baker has worked on over 39,000 files with an 80 percent recovery rate when accounts are less than a year old and the debtor company is still in business. Baker has consolidated its position in the construction, oil and gas, transportation, telecommunication, and manufacturing industries as a customer-centric end-to-end service provider.

Corroborating Baker Group’s expertise and client-oriented services are its recent interaction with a client that placed $2.6 million worth of backlog portfolios with the company.

The client had acquired another company, and their receivables department was not accustomed to the merged entity’s billing process. In under 60 days, Baker Group recovered $1.1 million, and so far, the client has recovered over $2 million of the outstanding amount. Another client in the construction industry had placed $3.2 million worth of accounts with Baker, out of which it successfully recovered $2.4 million from 70 different debtors within six months.
  • We address each client’s accounts receivable with tailor-made services and set them up with a workflow that works best for their portfolios

Transcending Corporate Boundaries– Providing a Personal Touch

Baker Group’s clients greatly appreciate the family-like atmosphere it fosters in its relationships and the decades of experience its personnel have in debt recovery.

“Our relationships with clients go beyond transactional levels. We offer a personal touch, and that’s how we like to keep it,” says Buteaux.

Baker offers a close-knit culture and conducts monthly or quarterly meetings with clients to review their accounts, debt collection status, and imminent needs. To improve clients’ competitive edge even further, the company is currently offering a project funding service.

Baker has tested the waters with a few private equity firms and funding sources to help its clients secure funds. This service brings immense value to CFOs, financial managers, and financial institutions, who can remain solvent if their debtor defaults. To expand the technological capabilities of BakerTrac™, it is currently testing software integrations with all major accounting tools and file management systems.

As the downsides in the US economy predicted by industry experts gradually begin to materialize, Baker Group is paving the way for businesses to assert control over their finances and maximize their income during economic downturn.