Diana Greenberg, President & CEO, Total FinancialDiana Greenberg, President & CEO
A woman’s life can really be a succession of many experiences, each revolving around some emotionally compelling situation or challenge, and each marked off by some intense experience – Wallis Simpson.

One who embodies this quote and upholds the same ethos in running her business is Diana Greenberg, President & CEO of Total Financial. For almost 40 years, Total Financial has been a renowned brokerage general agency, and a primary independent resource specializing in underwriting. With 25 employees spread across the Total Financial enterprise, Diana has ensured that the company is always armed and equipped with all the relevant resources to address a multitude of underwriting needs. “Total Financial is known for not only handling high net worth clients, but entertainers, athletes, and impaired risk cases. As a result, we evolved into an underwriting firm that specialises in resolving the most difficult cases,” states Diana. We also cater to all lines of life insurance such as term, whole life, variable policies, and life settlements.

“The vision for myself is to continue to be a leader in this industry and promote Total Financial,” states Diana. When her parents handed over the reins of the business, she re-branded Total Financial as the Next Generation. Partnering with the agents is her primary goal. Their success in placing business is a great accomplishment. A noteworthy aspect about Diana is that she is leading the company in a very competitive financial sector in southern California. “I am probably one of the few leading women in this industry. I am the president and the CEO, but unlike most presidents and CEOs, I am very involved in every aspect of my company,” states Diana.

Total Financial is designed like an insurance company; it consists of a chief underwriter from an insurance company and a medical doctor who previously worked in the industry. “I always try to get as many opinions from our medical doctor or the chief underwriter as possible, in turn, supporting my evidence and obtaining the best offer for the client and agent,” ecstatically states Diana. The company also consists of four case managers in the underwriting department. There mandate is to negotiate for the absolute best offer. The organization ensures that each agent is allocated a case manager who handles all of their cases, removing the need for agents to have to communicate with more than one person.

I always try and get as many opinions and support my evidence to argue my battle to get the best offer

Total Financial also consists of five sales vice presidents who run illustrations for agents and provide them with sales strategies and technical support. “We are very much involved in the sales process with the agents. We obtain insights about the agent’s client and their needs. We help them with case design, which helps them choose the right policy for the sale,” states Diana. She also goes a step further to infuse knowledge and to educate agents through webinars and training meetings. “The entire industry had to quickly transition to electronic platforms in order to process business due to the pandemic. And I had to not only learn about every single company’s different submission platform, but I had to move quickly to retrain my staff and our agents to use technology instead of using paper,” states Diana.

Quite recently, Total Financial helped a client who suffered a cardiac arrest in his 50’s and has a family history of coronary artery disease, which decreased his chance of getting a good offer on a policy. In this situation, Diana stepped in and strongly suggested the client complete cardiac examinations as well as specialized blood tests, resulting in a report declaring that his heart was operating correctly. “All of the information combined resulted in that individual securing and placing a better policy,” states Diana. In many such instances, Diana has worked diligently to help her company navigate through the complex, everchanging, and consistently evolving industry, where bigger organizations acquire small firms, and many companies are departing due to low-interest rates. “My goal in the next five years is to double the size of my company and continue leading the industry with my vision of conducting business in the most efficient manner for advisors and paving the most convenient pathway for their clients,” states Diana. For the long run, Diana aspires to merge Total Financial with other firms who sell other lines of coverage such as property and casualty insurance and group health. This will enable the company to sell both life insurance as well as other lines of coverage. “We are the company that is moving forward in both technology and concepts, always trying to reinvent ourselves,” proudly states Diana.