Rob Güth, Chief Operations Overseer and Managing Partner; Andrew Moore, Chief Support and Member Experience Overseer; Shane Güth, Chief Technology Overseer and Managing Partner, Trade ATSRob Güth, Chief Operations Overseer and Managing Partner, Wade Güth, CEO and Shane Güth, Chief Technology Overseer and Managing Partner
The financial trading landscape is synonymous with unpredictability. Most traders enter the market with a simple philosophy of buying the dips and selling the rips. However, they quickly realize that trading constitutes many variables, and understanding the market demands significant effort.

As a professional Investor and trader, Wade Güth understood this early in his career. His decade-long market research and exposure to algorithmic trading gave him first-hand insight into the true emotion driven dynamics that often influence human decisions in trading. For example, from close observation over time, it became clear that at the route of every trading decision is a human seeking to avoid pain (losses) and prolong pleasure (Gains). This fundamental understanding explains why traders are quick to take losses (avoid pain) and slow to take profits (prolong pleasure). This behavior can even transcend into trading bots since they are programmed by human thinking and strategy.

Güth translated his findings into a framework to map out the extreme pain and pleasure threshold zones and correlated it with market makers’— financial firms and hedge funds—moves to uncover the neutral position of buyers and sellers and predict the best time and status for liquidity extraction. Any Upward or downward market trend is, after all, caused by the seismic shifts in the pricing actions of the market makers and big money movers.

Built upon the proven framework is the Action Threshold Software (ATS), a Black Box Chart Mapping Software. The solution is a guiding hand that equips seasoned experts and new traders with a strategy to navigate the price movements—accumulation and distribution phases—ushered in by institutional traders to create ‘big money’ within the market.ATS clearly shows all of the key levels the institutions will likely use to put smaller, less informed traders in pain, causing them to close their trades, while simultaneously using this predictable influx of liquidity to satisfy their trading needs.
  • Smaller retail traders, unlike the institutional players, are not constrained to the complications associated with moving large volumes of capital; and a proven solution like ours allows traders to enter and exit the market at will

When viewing the market through the lens of ATS, a Trader is much less likely to fall victim to the liquidity-releasing stop hunts of the market makers. In fact, what was once devastating to a trader now becomes new potential opportunities for great low risk, high reward trade placement.
“Our ATS software can help a trader save time and resources as it brings focus to the most important aspect—trading against the crowd,” says Güth, CEO of Trade ATS.

Navigating the Trading Landscape with ATS

ATS comprises proprietary algorithms of indicators, market scanners, and signal generators to map institutional traders’ activities and then highlight potential opportunities in line with their trading models.

Since macroeconomic shifts caused by institutional traders often operate on higher time frames, the ATS software is takes the same directional bias when scrutinizing the forecasts and plotting those positions on daily, weekly, or monthly charts. Apart from higher timeframes forecast, the software finds specific prices on the lower timeframes—like four to onehour or five to fifteen-minute charts— that are good entry points into the trends.

ATS can automatically realign and optimize for all market conditions and timeframes without requiring manual intervention for readjustment. It gives traders a methodology to get in and out of any trend while managing risk at a sustainable level. Take Forex trading, for instance. If the euro and dollar trend upward on the weekly or monthly charts, the ATS software pinpoints where buyers are most likely to start selling to get a profit and when this trend will stop. This allows users to position themselves against the overall crowd by spotting the exact levels where institutional traders scale in and out.

“Smaller retail traders, unlike the institutional players, are not constrained to the complications associated with moving large volumes of capital; and a proven solution like ours allows traders to enter and exit the market at will,” adds Güth.

What gives the ATS software a natural edge is the ATS assistant. Traders can use this highly customizable signal generator to scan the market and better understand the institutional traders’ accumulation and distribution phases. It also has unique features that allow users to set alerts for scenarios or situations like accumulation phases. Unlike scanner tools that only denote moving average crossovers, ATS is explicitly built to help traders align with institutional traders’ scale-in and-out phases.

Setting Up Traders for Success

Trade ATS has also developed a training program, FTAP 12, with a strong focus on educating traders on how to properly leverage the ATS software, ensuring they succeed right from the beginning. The training guide is structured to help traders take full advantage of the software, and it comes with resources that help them better understand high-level market concepts.

The FTAP 12 is an all-inclusive 12-month program designed to help new traders learn the Trade ATS methodologies and approaches to trading. The company equips them with all the necessary skill sets through live webinars on a daily and weekly basis. The training program helps clients understand the market dynamics and how to avoid pitfalls that lead to capital loss.

By equipping traders with a foundational understanding of market psychology, Trade ATS ensures clients’ success in the long run. Their training programs have gained traction, given today’s inflationary environment, which has propelled the masses to look for alternative sources of income.
Instead of promising unrealistic gains, Trade ATS helps its users understand that trading requires a long-term learning curve. They stress the importance of learning the skillset of frequent, small, consistent gains, and then leveraging other people’s money to scale up your income as a Trader.

This is why they created ATS Capital Partners, a prop firm for traders practicing the ATS methodology. ATS Capital Partners is built to provide ATS traders with a platform to succeed, rewarding them with the capital it takes to quickly make a significant income without the need for their own investment capital. Traders enrolled in the FTAP-12 program are prepared to take an evaluation, and on passing, they are given trading capital of up to $500,000, with room to scale into millions in AUM over time. It is a program like no other that shows just how obsolete the traditional, high-cost, no-income guarantee, traditional college educational path really is. FTAP-12 is the solution for anyone who wants a relatively low-cost, fast learning curve entry into a life-changing, all-inclusive opportunity of trading the financial markets from anywhere in the world while using other people’s funds to grow your income unboundedly. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Customer-centricity Fuels the Trade ATS Engine

Trade ATS takes a highly client-centric approach when it comes to addressing traders’ queries. It develops a custom explanatory video on how to approach that particular trade and best position themselves in that scenario. The approach is instrumental in establishing a long-term relationship with their client base.

For instance, one of their clients gave a testimonial on how personalized guidance from Trade ATS helped improve profit when trading volatility report pairs. The approach was instrumental in reducing lot sizes by a considerable amount, even firing small lots during test entries. The client could enter and exit at will, allowing him enough screen time to practice trading.

Crafting a Repository for Trading Data

ATS currently holds the torch as the only non-repainting, specialty software built around smart money trading concepts proposed by market pioneers Richard Wyckoff and Jesse Livermore. Moving forward, Trade ATS envisions its flagship software to transform as a major data aggregate solution, giving users access to more accurate net long and short as well as broker sentiment information.

“We are working towards bringing a highly sophisticated approach to structure our accumulated data and import it into the ATS platform to improve the accuracy of our indicators,” expands Güth.

Trade ATS is a one-stop shop that combines its unique tools and data sources to give traders a competitive edge in aligning with the macroeconomic trends induced by institutional traders.