Ben Verschuere, Co-Founder, Treasure FinancialBen Verschuere, Co-Founder
In today’s competitive world, banks continue to provide limited services and very low yield on their deposits. Given this many businesses have logically become skeptical about their bank’s ability to act as adequate financial partners especially given the never-ending fees they charge. With no one to help businesses maximize their funds, they are more and more thinking of moving their funds elsewhere, where they can streamline their finances by managing their cash, investments, and other financial assets while retaining the appropriate liquidity.

It is here that Treasure Financial, a fast growing B2B Fintech company, provides its unique brand of cash management solutions.

Treasure Financial has developed an automated cash flow solution for businesses and VC backed companies, designed to help businesses transform idle cash into revenue. Treasure enables businesses to manage their cash like a Fortune 500 company. “Our treasury as a service securely turns finance departments into a meaningful revenue generator,” says Ben Verschuere, Co- Founder / Chief Investment Officer of Treasure Financial.

When it comes to managing idle cash, businesses had so far very few tools at their disposal, but Treasure is rapidly filling that void. The Fintech company has built a full suite of products that can help C-suites track their finances in real-time and enable them to access cash management solutions that will help them generate revenue from their business capital.

In their Treasure Reserve account customers have access to a fully customized allocation fitting their own profile as well as their liquidity needs.
The different financial products within these allocations range from FDIC insured cash with Treasure bank partner to money market funds as well as Treasury Bills, all the way to a high yield allocation. Treasure cash management solutions enable customers to have access to their own optimized blended yield in a complete customized and automated way.

With the Treasure platform, customers can easily sign up online, add information about their business, and have their Treasure Reserve account open instantly. The Treasure application provides a seamless digital experience, and it helps solve two of the biggest issues for finance leaders: better return on cash reserves and predictive modeling to assist with cash management. With easy to use and interpret dashboards, Treasure Financial’s solutions allow for faster decision-making while removing the burden of managing cash f low. To elaborate more on their products, Verschuere cites a case scenario. A large series B company had successfully raised a lot of capital. The capital raised was staying idle with an established bank for a long time. The firm did not gain any profit by depositing its cash in the bank; on top of that, the bank had poor customer service and a lack of tailored solutions to fulfill their needs. Frustrated by this, the B series company looked for an alternative. They chose Treasure to solve their problem. With Treasure they were able to sign up in less than 10 minutes and within 24 hours, their fund was already growing 30X faster than they were before. In addition, the client was fully impressed by the full visibility and transparency into how their cash is performing.
  • Our treasury as a service securely turns finance departments into a revenue generator

Having carved a niche in the finance sector, Treasure is all set for a bright future. As Treasure continues to expand, the company has plans to increase its suites of financial products and expand its platform to continue helping businesses’ CFOs or CEOs turn their finances into meaningful revenue. While businesses constantly evolve and look for an alternative to manage their cash, Treasure is seizing the opportunity to continuously innovate services, helping businesses to strengthen and improve their finances.