Cenk Tukel, Founder & CEO, Tukel, Inc. AccountingCenk Tukel, Founder & CEO
Over the years, Tukel, Inc. Accounting has grown as a trusted advisor for online entrepreneurs and small business owners in managing their financial affairs. Since its founding in 2018, the company has been serving as a one-stop-shop, especially for US-based online businesses with bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax and CFO advisory services.

Tukel’s customer base mostly consists of non-US-based founders of U.S. Companies looking for better investors, easy accessibility to global markets, and, at the same time, is willing to grow their business in a country where corporate laws are more acceptable to investors. Working hand in hand with its clients, Tukel assists them with various operational needs, such as setting up a new company, ensuring tax and legal compliance, operational efficiency, and state compliance and the business expands to newer states.

“We identify ourselves as a boutique accounting practice firm, which cares for each of its customers and caters to their unique needs,” says Cenk Tukel, Founder of Tukel.

Unlike many others, Tukel provides much more distinguished services than conventional bookkeeping, tax, and accounting firms. The company’s partnership with a few boutique corporate law firms helps its clients to restructure a commercial agreement seamlessly, loan agreement with their subsidiary, service level agreement, or a cost share agreement with another company. As a result of its partnership with sales tax advisors, Tukel offers clients risk assessment and nexus detection services and also advises its clients about their pitch decks and negotiation strategies with the investors.

The company recommends best-in-class technological solutions to clients and enhances the efficacy of their software as a service, platform as a service, and other types of subscription-based software used in collection and payments. While improving clients’ business processes, Tukel also provides tools to help them grow their businesses more effectively and efficiently.
As a Xero Accounting Certified Advisor and Partner, Tukel provides its clients with simple and affordable software to create invoices, track payments, and manage inventory. By integrating Xero with Stripe, Paypal, banks, e-commerce platforms, and many more platforms, Tukel enables clients to manage back-end processes, automate collections and help customers with subscription upgrades or downgrades. Apart from standard bookkeeping services, Tukel also helps manage income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow equity and makes detailed observations on higher cash burn rates.

After a discovery call, Tukel sends the proposal to the client with a customized video and detailed explanation. Once the proposal is accepted, their payments are automated, and the information gets incorporated into Tukel’s client management system. Tukel provides clear instructions in the form of a checklist regarding information access rights to the company. Using a process flow tool, Tukel then handles the client’s financial and accounting processes for three weeks to develop an in-depth understanding of the customer’s business operations, types of transactions, and insight into their shareholding and bank accounts. After three weeks, Tukel eliminates the loopholes in the system by instilling effectiveness and efficiency in the client’s processes.
  • We identify ourselves as a boutique accounting practice firm, which cares for each of its customers and caters to their unique needs

Often businesses need to pay more attention to many problems in their bookkeeping and accounting, which can be detrimental in the future. For instance, one of Tukel’s clients from Massachusetts faced a major problem in bookkeeping. This client has a franchise of a reputable non-US brand and is engaged in both online and retail business of confectionery products and women’s clothing. Tukel took over his books and started the process of organizing records. Meanwhile, the client realized certain flaws in the bookkeeping process. Due to lower gross margins, he was unable to cover his overheads. In addition, the client also lacked a correct pricing structure for his product lines, affecting profits.

Tukel created a set value sheet and worked with the client on different pricing scenarios and cost structures to improve his gross margins. Most importantly, Tukel ran a projection on his cash burn rate and helped him to get a long-term line of credit to overcome the cash burn situation.

Consequently, the company’s decades of experience in accounting and consulting come into play in its innovative and user-friendly solutions to clients that boost business growth and processes that best fit them.