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Creating Holistic Financial Services

Today, an increasing number of financial institutions are engaging with FinTech firms either as investors or through strategic partnerships. According to McKinsey Panorama, almost 80 percent of financial companies today have come to partnership agreements with FinTech companies.

Leveraging this partnership, FinTech enterprises are incorporating emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to evolve and make better use of the vast amounts of financial data generated within organizations. The utilization of blockchain technology is enabling FinTechs to eliminate unconditional bureaucracies and provide cost-effective, seamless, and effective banking services. Several FinTechs are also making financial health a priority to expand their ROI based solution suite into a portfolio that comprises holistic offerings for the establishment of trusting, long-lasting, and multi pronged relationships with their customers.

Moving ahead, the financial sector is predicted to leverage robotic process automation to maintain records and transactions, make calculations, and perform other mundane tasks that include queries. Subsequently, FinTech firms are also seeking out avenues to offer solutions that can protect vulnerable consumers such as senior citizens and young teens from financial fraud. In this edition of finanacial tech review, we are featuring a list of key players in the FinTech space, along with insightful articles from thought leaders in the industry. We believe this edition will help you in evaluating and formalizing effective financial management for your organization. Let us know your thoughts.

    Top Featured Vendors

  • Redefining lead generation within the financial services industry by helping clients yield the highest earnings per click (EPCs) through a customizable optimization platform. Through the platform, the firm has created proven, practical, and effective strategies that drive quality leads and sales while lowering the marketing costs for clients. EPCVIP’s platform provides the ability for bankers, lenders, and financial organizations to customize their landing page with information on their products and services in the shortest time and track results such as gross revenue, page visitors, conversion rates, and more


  • ILINX Software integrates its ECM solution with line-of-business systems to automate information processes across an organization. Built with a focus on functionality, simplicity, and affordability, the ILINX platform includes ILINX Capture, ILINX eForms, and ILINX Content Store and more. The platform keeps the data flowing and enables the capture, processing, and management of virtually any type of business content, from paper documents to email and other digital formats. ILINX offers an array of capabilities to manipulate, append, compare, edit and automate documents. Financial institutions can support production-level operations and automate the ingestion of information from multiple sources that need to be encapsulated into a package or a case


  • Led by a team that strongly believes in forging human relationships to maximize CX, Revation Systems offers innovative and secure communication solutions that enable banks’ customers to achieve financial security. Team Revation believes in the power of human relationships and that innovation in communication will connect people at the bank with their customers. With such a belief, it enables secure and intelligent communication across digital and physical channels to deliver high-touch experiences to customers of banks, credit unions, and even healthcare organizations


  • Surecomp offers products that empower banks and corporate firms to have supreme front and backend trade finance operations as well as an enhanced supply chain to deliver well-defined user experiences to consumers. As trade finance protocols vary on a regional basis, every Surecomp solution—be it APISURE or SURECONNECT or SURECOMPSTORE--is delivered and launched in accordance with the laws and regulations of that geographical location in which it is to be deployed or utilized. As digital technology continues to make steady inroads into the banking world, Surecomp continues to seize the opportunities and provide cost-effective, cloud-based SaaS solutions that are easily deployable at all organizations irrespective of its size


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