Michael Vitantonio, President, Volition Financial NetworkMichael Vitantonio, President
An ideal investment advisor holds sound knowledge of the world of finance, maximizes clients’ returns even during a market downturn, and aligns investments with their long-term objectives. A company that checks all the boxes is Volition Financial Network (VFN). The independent boutique investment advisory firm provides investment and retirement solutions to individuals, small business owners, and non-profits.

“We help clients navigate the current market and economic conditions to ensure optimum outcomes,” says Michael Vitantonio, President, investment advisor representative, and alternative investment strategist at Volition Financial Network.

An unflinching attitude toward understanding customers’ financial health and the ability to implement new and innovative strategies make Volition Financial Network stand out in this industry. The company considers numerous criteria while recommending investment strategies, such as the client’s time horizons, risk tolerances, income, and expenditure. Volition Financial Network also explores an investor’s investing beliefs, expectations, and attitudes to gain in-depth knowledge. This thoughtful approach bolsters Volition Financial Network’s relationship with clients, empowering the company to offer objective financial advice and meticulously tailor long-term plans.

“Our philosophy is rooted in core investment values and we commit strategically to providing our clients with risk-adjusted returns through the implementation of disciplined active portfolio management and alternative investment,” says Vitantonio.
Diverging from traditional investment strategies, Volition Financial Network implements alternative investment strategies, which maximize customers’ while minimizing risk. The company regularly rebalances portfolios to ensure they remain appropriate for an investor’s goals.

Volition Financial Network helps young professionals or pre-retirees set a better retirement plan by diversifying assets in varied market environments to complement each other. They can also plan for better retirement income by transferring assets from a previously owned Defined Contribution Plan to an Individual Retirement Account. For example, one of its customers had worked with another investment advisor that mismanaged his 401(k)-plan, sending his long-term goals into disarray. Volition Financial Network scrutinized his financial status and objectives and presented alternative strategies. Observing the turbulent market, they suggested employing asset allocation to complement the investor’s traditional assets. This enabled the client to increase returns, even in a down-market, with decreasing risks.

We help clients navigate the current market and economic conditions to ensure optimum outcomes

As an independent and nimble investment advisory firm, Volition Financial Network is free from any kind of custodial relationship, where it would be limited to specific products and solutions. The company, instead, explores innovative investment strategies and is flexible enough to mold these strategies to exploit the transitional market economy, increasing the protection of the portfolios on hold.

Volition Financial Network shares a strong bond with the prime decisionmakers of active portfolio management strategies to understand the unique investment style.

With their rich depository of knowledge, Volition Financial Network’s team will continue to guide clients in maintaining consistency through volatile markets—the key to maintaining financial stability.