Mark A. McLaughlin, Partner, WAV Group ConsultingMark A. McLaughlin, Partner
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are essential to a company’s top line and market diversity growth strategies. Industrial globalization, demand for high-quality, global-level products and services, stringent government regulations, and the need for consolidation strategies have played a crucial role in the growth of M&A activity in the corporate world. However, no two acquisitions are the same, and one cannot achieve success using the same approach in every M&A initiative. It requires exceptional experience, industry knowledge and a highly professional team of M&A experts to produce a vibrant, sustainable outcome. A reliable partner would thus be instrumental in helping businesses grow their business and effectuate their strategies. Helping businesses find new paths in the real estate industry is WAV Group, a proven consulting firm.

WAV Group is at the forefront of offering an unmatched depth of experience in technology, strategic planning, research, business development, M&A, public relations, marketing, sales, and product development in the real estate industry. “We work with our clients as virtual executives and help them meet the objectives of their businesses. We deploy with velocity and confidence based on our experience.,” states Mark A McLaughlin, Partner, WAV Group.

One of the significant challenges in the M&A space is differing company motivations and expectations. To address this, the consulting team at the WAV Group takes the time to fully understand their client’s goals and needs, to provide them with the strategic advice they need instead of just a one-size-fits-all solution. Furthermore, calculating the value of a brokerage business is complex, and when their balance sheet is on the line, it becomes quite stressful. The WAV Group’s team knows from experience how to package and run a process to market a brokerage firm to seek the buyer willing to pay a premium in an acquisition. The team performs a complete business evaluation and needs assessment. They help clients define their vision and guide people through the challenges and opportunities that arise from mergers and acquisitions.
WAV Group thus accredits its success to its proven team of experts, which works persistently to ensure maximum client satisfaction. The company’s team of experts has participated in over 600 acquisitions and mergers with purchase prices in excess of $1.1 billion. They bring over 55 years of M&A experience specific to the real estate industry and are capable of handling everything from small mergers or partnership buy-outs, to the largest, most complex transactions in the industry.

We work with our clients as virtual executives and help them meet the objectives of their businesses. We deploy with velocity and confidence based on our experience

Having worked as principals, operators, senior executives and investors with multiple real estate brands and technology companies in the industry position the team at WAV group to bring a unique perspective compared to other advisory services.

WAV Group’s experienced based solutions, expertise in different domains, timely execution of projects, and alliances with leading global players are some of the aspects that sets them apart from the competition.

With such capabilities and services, the company has been able to acquire several distinguishable clients including some of the largest MLSs in North America, the most respected brokerage and real estate franchise organizations in the US and Internationally, innovative technology companies and top trade associations. This diverse collection of global industry experience allows the WAV Group to crosspollinate ideas and bring best-of-breed solutions to its clients.

All of the WAV Group partners have been shareholders, CEOs, Executive team members or founders of Fortune 100 and venture-funded corporations; they approach each relationship with a clear understanding of the challenges that clients face in today’s business world. “We are here to help businesses take their enterprises to the next level and deliver success,” concludes Mark.