Nash Subotic, CEO, WestPac Wealth PartnersNash Subotic, CEO
Clarity is the key for most business owners when it comes to managing the finances of a growing organization. However, smartly balancing wealth between business investments and personal income becomes a struggle as owners collaborate various discussions with advisors, agencies and liaisons. Ultimately this leads to business decisions being made individually and out of sync, often resulting in a certain level of financial disorganization. Problems such as this make it difficult for business owners to efficiently grow their personal net worth outside of their business.

WestPac® Wealth Partners is a financial services firm positioned to advise business owners with a unique approach in the industry. One of the many ways they do this is by virtually bringing the business’s accountants, planners, bankers, and attorneys into the same room. This approach provides critical clarity to help clients make more impactful decisions.

WestPac’s customer-centric approach allows them to serve not just multi-tiered business companies but also private business owners, professionals, family establishments, and individuals. WestPac envisions and helps enhance the clients’ goals by designing a customized strategy and a life map to help achieve and protect their wealth.

“What sets us apart is our personalized approach, as we show our clients the grey area where business and personal finances meet,” says Nash Subotic, CEO of WestPac Wealth Partners.

WestPac focuses on the process, not the product.
What this means for the client, is that the plan is put together based solely on the business's goals, objectives, and obstacles. To do this requires an accurate understanding of the business’s financial world that can lead to a comprehensive consultation.

The consultations aim is to holistically improve the business by cohesively collaborating with all stakeholders to make important decisions and plan the future together. Income planning, estate planning for business interest, owner exit planning, and asset protection are some initial conversations WestPac has with its clients to increase their overall efficiency.

The careful implementation of time-sensitive strategies help improve retention of key employees, maximize cash flow, manage risk to enable financial growth, and ultimately position the businesses for further growth or a potential owner exit.
  • What sets us apart is our personalized approach, as we show our clients the grey area where business finances end and personal ones begin

WestPac excels at planning for business interruption, which was critical when COVID impacted so many businesses. Keeping a business protected while having enough revenue to sustain itself for the next six to twelve months is a contingency that WestPac focuses on, and one that helped it, and its clients persist through the pandemic.

WestPac’s solutions and strategies are not solely for their clients, as they believe in the idiom ‘practice what you preach’. The implementation of these strategies has landed WestPac on the Inc 5000 list multiple times as well as many other leading news and media outlets such as Fortune, Forbes, Yahoo Finance and Financial Services Review. WestPac does not provide a one-sizefits- all solution and believes in building true value in the client’s businesses through understanding, which allows them to provide a promising service in the financial space today.