Suman Konkumalla, Co-Founder & Head of WHISHWORKS, WHISHWORKSSuman Konkumalla, Co-Founder & Head of WHISHWORKS
For the past few years, the banking industry has been undergoing rapid disruption. This is driven by Gen Z demanding personalised engagement with the emergence of fintechs and challenger banks. And by continuously evolving data protection and data sharing requirements. This new environment brings new banking paradigms and customer engagement expectations through the adoption of digital capabilities. However, traditional banking operation models cannot keep up with the transformation and are not sustainable. While IT can support new business models, the lack of a modern tech environment and silos in data and across teams leads to bottlenecks and project delays, widening the IT delivery gap. Further, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, traditional banks are forced to expedite their digital transformation programs initially set for few years down the pipeline.

These organisations require a trusted partner to adopt new operating models and skillsets to drive agility and innovation. This is where WHISHWORKS comes into the picture. By leveraging data, the company helps financial institutions modernise their infrastructure, seamlessly adopt modern tools and practices across departments, automate processes, all with embedded security and governance. “We enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by helping them seamlessly connect their data, connect with their employees and their partners, and connect with their customers,” says Suman Konkumalla, Co-Founder & Head of WHISHWORKS

A global IT and consulting group, WHISHWORKS specialises in MuleSoft Integration, Salesforce CRM, and Data & Analytics, helping clients leverage technology to optimise the entire value chain. The company believes in the power of API-led connectivity and selected MuleSoft as the best API-based integration platform to unlock the data and create connected experiences. While MuleSoft enables a unified IT ecosystem, WHISHWORKS partnered with Salesforce to enable a unified view of customer interactions across various touchpoints. In the case of Data & Analytics, a wider and complex technology domain, the company has developed skills across the top platforms and tools, including Microsoft Azure, Tableau, and Confluent.

Leveraging these robust partnerships, WHISHWORKS helps banks and financial institutions utilise data and technology in their digital transformation initiatives and ultimately achieve their strategic goals, including removing bottlenecks, accelerating time to value, and improving business outcomes. The company focuses on three key interconnected areas for transformation convergence—experience, data, and engineering. While experience convergence incorporates Salesforce capabilities to build stronger and valued omni-channel relationships with customers in a unified interface, data convergence has MuleSoft and Tableau to remove data silos and create a seamlessly connected ecosystem with data-driven insights. With more than 400 certified experts supporting the adoption of a new, efficient operating model, engineering convergence completes the process leveraging flexible, future-proof infrastructures. Besides, WHISHWORKS owns Centres of Excellence, with headquarters in Hyderabad, that act as a knowledge hub where best practices, quality, and reusability are ensured.

We enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by helping them seamlessly connect their data, connect with their employees and their partners, and connect with their customers

Further, while deploying SaaS products, it’s essential to ensure a successful implementation for customers. To that end, WHISHWORKS enables the implementation, deployment, and enablement of its solutions to let customers see the business benefits and ROI brought in, thereby continuing their collaboration. The company provides end-to-end services for project completion, including consulting, application delivery, managed services, and application support, helping customers at every step of the process. WHISHWORKS is one of the first partners to get accredited for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and has won six partner awards from MulefSoft.

While the technology partnership with best-of-class providers is a key differentiator for WHISHWORKS, its result-based approach also makes the company stand out from its competitors. The company starts with the end in mind, working with customers to determine their goals and then support the project. The company also offers reusable assets and accelerators, such as Salesforce financial services accelerator and technical debt assessment that help customers to have cost-effective and efficient processes.

Through its unique approach and utmost commitment to success, WHISHWORKS has helped various financial institutions accelerate their digital transformation. Konkumalla highlights one such instance wherein the company had assisted Allica Bank to launch a new digital bank that combines relationship banking with modern digital banking experiences within 12 months. To create seamless customer experiences, WHISHWORKS implemented MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and built more than 300 APIs on the platform, enabling it to unlock and unify data across disparate systems. The company also created reusable building blocks as APIs that helped Allica Bank rapidly compose new business capabilities in days or weeks instead of taking months to build from scratch with custom code. With this speed and agility, Allica Bank built its digital bank two times faster than its competitors.

The robust solutions and ingenious services of WHISHWORKS is bolstered by its parent company, Coforge. “This gives us a positive ecology and synergy that complements our offerings and provides our customers with access to a larger pool of experts and technologies,” remarks Vala Marcou, Head of Marketing. For the future, WHISHWORKS is looking forward to strengthening its operations that were recently launched in the U.S. The company also plans to boost its Salesforce capabilities and invest further in its centers of excellence, ultimately become the partner of choice for every data-driven digital transformation in the financial banking industry.